Instant plug-in scripts that help you profit... "Special offer expiry date with a twist"

Written by Michel Komarov

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''+ '

'+ 'Your special offer HTML-code. '+ 'You can use:'+ 'still '+ expiryDays +' days '+ 'or... till '+ expiryDate +' '+ '

'+ ''

); -->

Setrepparttar 105596 expiry date you need at string:

var expiry = new Date(2004,0,1);

Note. Seerepparttar 105597 comment below this string. Month's numbers begin from 0.

You need to place your special offer HTML-code between string




Then you should quote each your HTML-code line with single quoting symbol (') and addrepparttar 105599 plus symbol (+) atrepparttar 105600 end of each line.

Please note: You shouldn't use single quoting symbol inside your HTML-code. (Use double quoting symbol inside your HTML-code instead.)

You can also placerepparttar 105601 expiry date inside your special offer.

Userepparttar 105602 expiryDate variable. Or you can placerepparttar 105603 number of days tillrepparttar 105604 offer expire, just userepparttar 105605 expiryDays variable.

That's all there is to it, if you follow this link: you can see how it should look when you've installed it on your web page.

For a more detailed explanation on what JavaScripts are and how to install them please send a blank email here:

If you need any help or advice in installing this or any of my other plug-in scripts just let me know and I'll do my best to help ;-)

At your service,

Michel Komarov

Michel Komarov is a fully qualified software engineer with over 5 years experience helping people to automate their online businesses for maximum profits.

Validating Numerical Input with JavaScript

Written by David Morse

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reachesrepparttar end:

for(var i=0;i < mydata.length;i++){

Now create a variable and assignrepparttar 105595 counter variable value to it:

var mydigit = mydata.charAt(i)

To screen out symbols, punctuation, and letters, place an if statement inrepparttar 105596 loop:

if(mydigit < "0" || mydigit > "9"){

The || inrepparttar 105597 if statement scans for both conditions.

The next line will alertrepparttar 105598 user to any mistakes he/she has made:

alert(mydigit + " is not a number.")

Here isrepparttar 105599 complete code including HTML: ============================================= Numerical Validation

Guess a number between 1 and 1000:


You can testrepparttar 105600 above code by copying and pasting it into a text document then view it in

your browser.

And that's how easy it is to test user input for numerical input.

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