Instant Messaging – Expressway for Identity Theft, Trojan Horses, Viruses, and Worms

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A Trojan horse is a program that Internet criminals use to interrupt and interfere with your security software and producerepparttar following results

·Terminates processes ·Removes registry entries ·Stops services ·Deletes files

Hackers, who have gained access to your computer, because ofrepparttar 107913 easily accessible programs and software as mentioned above, are enthusiastically incorporating this venomous little program into their arsenal of weapons.

As recently as March 4, 2005, a new Trojan horse was discovered that modified settings in Internet Explorer. Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP wererepparttar 107914 reported systems that could be affected.

On January 28, 2005, a press Release issued byrepparttar 107915 Department of Justice reported that a 19 year old was convicted for his criminal activity by “…creating and unleashing a variant ofrepparttar 107916 MS Blaster computer worm.” Christopher Wray, Attorney General – Criminal Division stated that,

"This … malicious attack onrepparttar 107917 information superhighway caused an economic and technological disruption that was felt aroundrepparttar 107918 world.”

Byrepparttar 107919 way, “malicious” is defined by Webster as “…intentionally mischievous or harmful”.

On February 11, 2005, in a Press Release issued byrepparttar 107920 Department of Justice, reported that another criminal was sentenced for circulating a worm. This worm,

“…directedrepparttar 107921 infected computers to launch a distributed denial of service (DOS) attack against Microsoft's main web site causingrepparttar 107922 site to shutdown and thus became inaccessible torepparttar 107923 public for approximately four hours.” March 7, 2005, posted discovery of a worm named “W32.Serflog.B” that spread through file-sharing networks and MSN Messenger – networks that operate on publicly open and interpretable industry standards administered by P2P systems that host Instant Messaging clients—none of which are protected, regardless ofrepparttar 107924 anti virus software on your computer. The W32.Serflog.B worm also lowers security settings and appears as a blank message window onrepparttar 107925 MSN Messenger. SOLUTION

Avoid at all costs, P2P file sharing networks as they operate on publicly open and interpretable industry standards. (Instant Messaging services run on P2P file sharing networks.)

If you likerepparttar 107926 convenience of text chatting via Instant Messaging, then why not consider an optimally secure VoIP (voice over internet protocol), also known as a Computer Phone, that incorporatesrepparttar 107927 Instant Messaging feature. Make surerepparttar 107928 VoIP internet service provider does not operate on P2P file sharing networks that use industry standard codec or industry standard protocols that are publicly open and accessible. (Don’t forget, these standards createrepparttar 107929 vulnerability which hackers are capitalizing on because of their easy accessibility.)

Optimally secure VoIP service providers that incorporate a secure Instant Messaging feature, operate from their own proprietary high end encryption codec on patented technology which is hosted in a professional facility. Simply put, when a VoIP internet service provider is optimally secure,repparttar 107930 Instant Messaging feature onrepparttar 107931 VoIP softphone is also incorporated in their optimally secure technology.

Here’srepparttar 107932 bottom line.

If you are currently using Instant Messaging of any sort, you need to make a decision:

a.Continue enticing hacker mercenaries and remain as a user of an Instant Messaging service, or b.Take immediate corrective action.

If you decide to take immediate corrective action:

1.Find an optimally secure VoIP internet solution provider that includesrepparttar 107933 Instant Messaging feature in their proprietary patented technology. 2.Find an optimally secure VoIP internet solution provider that has their own proprietary high end encryption codec. 3.Find an optimally secure VoIP internet solution provider that has their own proprietary patented technology. 4.Find an optimally secure VoIP internet solution provider that hosts their proprietary patented technology in a professional facility.

Here’s a place you can look over to see what an optimally secure VoIP internet solution provider looks like--one that operates on their own proprietary high end encryption codec with their own proprietary patented technology hosted in a professional facility, AND one that incorporatesrepparttar 107934 Instant Messaging feature.

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How to Negotiate Effectively

Written by Gary E. Cain

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First, you need to know “what is a negotiation.” Simply put, it isrepparttar exchange of ideas withrepparttar 107912 intention of changing relationships, agreements, or viewpoints.

Negotiation requires …

1. Calmness 2. Understanding of people 3. Preparation beforerepparttar 107913 negotiation (preferably written) 4. Strategy for success (you need to know whatrepparttar 107914 other side wants fromrepparttar 107915 negotiation)

Remember that negotiation requires that you give something of perceived value in order to receive something of value.

Negotiation may be giving up something today for a later advantage.

Here is a short list of a non-aggressive negotiation strategy:

Know what you want Know whatrepparttar 107916 other side wants Noterepparttar 107917 "feelings" of your opponent Verbally acceptrepparttar 107918 opponent's viewpoint Give your opinion and ask for opponent's opinion Give positive comments and ask for positive comments Respect differences of opinion Verbally express "how"repparttar 107919 two sides are similar Strive to reach “mutual” benefits Build a strong relationship for future negotiations

Be sure to note …

…the tone of your voice. …how you pronounce your words. …your own body language. …your opponent's body language.

Finally, remember that you should always keeprepparttar 107920 relationship positive so that you can return and negotiate another day.

Gary is a business teacher and Internet marketer. Gary has written two books: Stop the Grammar and Internet Self Defense.

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