Instant Messaging – A Powerful Communication Tool for Your Business

Written by Cavyl Stewart

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If you use IM to communicate with your customers and prospective customers,repparttar right IM software will actually analyze these communications and help you develop a list of frequently asked questions. FAQ’s are great time savers and effective business tools.

And IM is not impersonal. Userepparttar 107930 audio and video chat features and have a true face to face conversation without leavingrepparttar 107931 office! Think ofrepparttar 107932 money you’ll save on traveling. Not only can you seerepparttar 107933 other party’s face, you can see other things such as new product designs and product demonstrations. If it’s viewable, it can be seen using video chat.

If your business requires you to place international phone calls, you can save money on your phone bill, too. Adjustrepparttar 107934 volume, record and playback, even use chat like you’re using a walkie-talkie sorepparttar 107935 other party hears onlyrepparttar 107936 parts ofrepparttar 107937 conversation that you choose. Pause, rewind and playback conversations, bookmark important points in your conversations, and search through past conversations by keyword or phrase.

Plus you can keep all of your contacts separated into categories yet contained in one easy to locate place. You can also have different contact lists under each of your various screen names.

And best of all, you can install IM software on your company network painlessly. Sharing files, communicating with co-workers, and knowing what’s going on in your office without leaving your desk is easy.

Trillian Pro connects to AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger and IRC. And by using plug-ins, it can connect to many different services. Instant Messaging really is a valuable tool and one that will fit well into your business. Start chatting today!

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International Telephone Calling Tips

Written by Raymond Klesc

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The best way to place your call is to dial “0” followed byrepparttar number you wish to call, such as 0-123-456-7890. This will help makerepparttar 107929 connection faster. This method could be less expensive depending uponrepparttar 107930 carrier.

The standard way is to dial “0” or “00” for International calls and tellrepparttar 107931 operatorrepparttar 107932 number you wish to call and any special instructions such as collect or person-to-person.

• Prepaid Calling Cards: Using a prepaid card is yet another way to save money on International calls. Prepaid calling cards are portable and provide some protection against unseemly practices byrepparttar 107933 telecoms. You need to consider if there are any extra charges forrepparttar 107934 time and place of your call such as connection fees, maintenance or monthly fee,repparttar 107935 billing increment of your call, and expiration date ofrepparttar 107936 card. If you intend to use calling cards on a regular basis then consider a rechargeable card that will not expire.

• Calling FROM a U.S. Based Cell Phone: There are countless horror stories onrepparttar 107937 Internet about how much some consumers have been “charged” (ripped off) by cellular providers for International calls. Fortunately, you can save substantial sums of money on these types of calls by planning ahead. You need to look for "stand alone" International calling plans that allow you to dialaround your cellular carrier, essentially bypassing their network forrepparttar 107938 International part ofrepparttar 107939 call. The stand alone plan provides a substantial discount offrepparttar 107940 cellular provider’s rates for International calls. The best part is that you do not need to change your cellular carrier to userepparttar 107941 system. Simply register your cell phone number withrepparttar 107942 system provider and dial their U.S. access number provided to you before making your International call.

• Placing Your Call: As mentioned above, if you are dialing direct you would dial: 011 + country code + city code + number. Onrepparttar 107943 other hand, if you are using a dialaround provider, you would dial: 10-1x-xxx + 011 + country code + city code + number. In addition, keep in mind that there are about 20-countries outside ofrepparttar 107944 U.S. where you would just dial 1+ without dialingrepparttar 107945 011.

The “10-1x-xxx” representsrepparttar 107946 specific dialing code forrepparttar 107947 provider that you have selected. Contact your selected dialaround provider forrepparttar 107948 exact dialing requirements to access their system.

• Voice over IP (VoIP): Voice over IP (VoIP) stand for Voice over Internet Protocol and can be a very inexpensive way to handle International calls. You need to have a broadband Internet connection available, such as a DSL or cable connection, and a touch tone phone. Using VoIP can also provide unlimited long distance service as well. Plans can be obtained for about $50.00 or less per month. For more information about VoIP, go to

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