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Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

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Just like you wouldn't like to hearrepparttar same words from your spouse over and over, neither do your customers or potential customers want to see your same ad over and over. When they do, after awhile, they tune it out altogether because they've read it so many times.

If you are usingrepparttar 101082 exact same ad you were using weeks or months ago, then I strongly suggest you consider using a freshener on your ads.

1) Take a look at your product or service with fresh eyes. Make believe you've never seen it before. What stands out to you aboutrepparttar 101083 product or service?

2) Spend some time listing every word and phrase that pops into your mind to describerepparttar 101084 features and benefits of your product or service. At this point, nothing is too silly or outlandish. Your personality is going to shine through. Don't be scared. That's OK.

3) After you've developed your list, begin narrowing it down to those words and phrases that are feasible to use in your ad copy.

4) Use this second list to find your Unique Selling Position (USP). Identify those words and phrases that will give a unique twist to your ad copy.

5) Using these identified words and phrases, update your website, your sales letters, and your ad copy. You may have a long enough list from Step 4 to freshen your ad copy several times before using up allrepparttar 101085 words and phrases.

6) When you've depleted allrepparttar 101086 words and phrases on your list, go back to Step 1 and start over.

Follow these steps, and it will be like usingrepparttar 101087 air freshener Glade on your ads. This will keep your ads fresh, interesting, and clickable. After all, isn't thatrepparttar 101088 point?

Sharon Dalton Williams is a Christian freelance writer whose goal is to change the world one word at a time. Subscribe to her weekly column, *From Sharon’s Pen,* at

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