Instant Cashflow! How To Immediately Create A Surge Of New Orders For Your Business!

Written by Wes Blaylock

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4. Special discount

Offer some sort of special discount related to current events. A holiday discount, a sports discount (likerepparttar baseball world series), or whatever..

Maybe there is a big fuss about something in your industry that will give you a good reason to offer a limited time discount.

Use your imagination! You can come up with all kinds of ways to give a "special" discount, only available to a select few.

I have a friend that runs a special promotion for every single U.S. and international holiday. Last time I talked to him about it, he said it puts an extra $20-30k in his bank each year atrepparttar 127417 least.

5. Offer personal help torepparttar 127418 next X people that order

I have done this one a few times. Offer your personal help forrepparttar 127419 next X amount of people that order.

You can give free email advice, set up a discussion board or even give phone consultations (if you haverepparttar 127420 time).

If I am selling a weight loss report, I may say:

"Forrepparttar 127421 next 50 people that order, I will personally help you create your diet plan and guide you through my system at no cost.."

You can do this promotion often, as you can limitrepparttar 127422 amount of people that you accept each time. This allows you to stoprepparttar 127423 promotion, and clearrepparttar 127424 workload, then restart it.

Be sure to explain how they will be able to get your personal help (i.e. email, phone, etc..) so that they don't makerepparttar 127425 wrong assumption.

There are plenty of ways to instantly get a rush of orders, these are just a few. Notice how they all are either limited time, or limited byrepparttar 127426 number of people who order.

Putting a time limit, or unit limit on special offers (or any offer for that matter) is a surefire way to increaserepparttar 127427 response of your offers. Doing this will result in a bigger surge, much quicker!

BUT, stick true to your word. If you say you are only givingrepparttar 127428 special offer forrepparttar 127429 next 5 days, then do not let anybody order after those 5 days are up. Otherwise, you risk your credibility.

So create a few ways to make some special offers to your opt-in list, or customer list and see if you can't get your cashflow back on track!

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How to Sell in Tough Times

Written by Noel Peebles

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I believerepparttar biggest obstacle to successful selling occurs in your own mind. This brings us back to our perception of a refusal to buy being a personal 'rejection'. Quite simply, in selling, if you constantly feel rejected you cannot achieve exceptional results.

It is also my belief thatrepparttar 127416 number one reason for mediocrity in selling, is that three letter word - EGO! A falsely inflated ego is a vulnerable, fragile thing. If you arerepparttar 127417 type of person who takes "No" as a personal affront to your very worth, selling will be an exquisitely painful process to you and most people, sensitive or not, will avoid pain at all costs. You will become a master avoider and procrastinator.

If you cannot confront and take steps to resolverepparttar 127418 emotional issues that keep you prisoner and sabotage your success, then no amount of sales training will change your results forrepparttar 127419 better. Many people have wonderful people skills and are natural persuaders, but as long as they continue to equate their self worth with whether or not everybody wants to buy their products, they will set themselves up for a fall.

When someone does not accept an offer I make them, I know it has nothing to do with me as a person. I therefore don't become emotional about it.

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