Installing a Toilet

Written by Mark Donovan

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Next removerepparttar bowl, and insertrepparttar 100403 closet bolts (approximately 2” long bolts) intorepparttar 100404 slots onrepparttar 100405 closet flange.

Then turnrepparttar 100406 bowl over and install a wax ring gasket overrepparttar 100407 outlet ofrepparttar 100408 bowl. This outlet is also know asrepparttar 100409 “horn”.

Placerepparttar 100410 bowl ontorepparttar 100411 closet flange. Make surerepparttar 100412 bowl is well seated by rockingrepparttar 100413 bowl down. Oncerepparttar 100414 bowl has been seated, place a level on it and userepparttar 100415 shims as necessary. Next, using nuts and washers tighten uprepparttar 100416 bolts. Note: be careful not to over-tighten these bolts as it could crackrepparttar 100417 bowl.

Next attachrepparttar 100418 tank torepparttar 100419 bowl usingrepparttar 100420 tank bolts, nuts and washers. Again, do not over tighten.

Installingrepparttar 100421 Float Supply Unit

Installrepparttar 100422 float supply unit intorepparttar 100423 tank and hook uprepparttar 100424 water line torepparttar 100425 tank inlet. Again, do not over tighten and make sure to userepparttar 100426 washers supplied.

Next, turnrepparttar 100427 supply line on and adjustrepparttar 100428 float as necessary. Finally, caulk aroundrepparttar 100429 base ofrepparttar 100430 unit and you are done.

Over the past 20+ years Mr. Donovan has been involved with building homes and additions to homes. His projects have included: building a vacation home, building additions and garages on to existing homes, and finishing unfinished homes. Mr. Donovan's formal education and profession have been as an Electrical Engineer and Marketing Manager.

Double The Storage Space In Your Bedroom Closet

Written by Lee Dobbins

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There are many different storage units you can incorporate into your closet design to make things easier to find and also give you more storage space. Some ofrepparttar organizer units you might want to think about include:

Shoe Cubes - each cube fits a pair of shoes and they stack on top of each other so all your shoes are available at a glance Shelves - for folded jeans, sweaters, purses and hats Tiered Tie Racks - for ties, scarves or belts Drawers - for those personal items you don’t want to leave out inrepparttar 100402 open Slide Out Bins - great for laundry, just slide them out and bring them down torepparttar 100403 washer.

A well though out closet organizer design can double or even triple your storage space. Don't forget to add stacked rods for your shorter items to hang on top of each other which gives you twice as much space inrepparttar 100404 same linear area.

Lee Dobbins is editor of Bedroom Designs and Decorations where you can find great bedroom design ideas for dozens of bedroom themes.

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