Installing a Brick or Paver Walkway

Written by Mark Donovan

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Inevitably bricks/pavers will need to be cut or split when buildingrepparttar walkway. Unless you want to buy or rent an expensive wetsaw, I would suggest purchasing a simple brick/paver splitter. It is basically a chisel with a wide end that isrepparttar 100009 width ofrepparttar 100010 bricks/pavers. To actually cut/splitrepparttar 100011 brick/paver, lay it in a bed of sand and placerepparttar 100012 chisel at a 75% angle overrepparttar 100013 spot where you want to breakrepparttar 100014 brick. Then using a hammer strikerepparttar 100015 butt end ofrepparttar 100016 chisel firmly. You may need to do this a couple of times. You may also want to fliprepparttar 100017 brick/paver over and strikerepparttar 100018 other side ofrepparttar 100019 brick usingrepparttar 100020 hammer and chisle. Within one or two strikesrepparttar 100021 brick/paver should break cleanly. If your walkway has curves you will need to buy/rent a wetsaw.

After installingrepparttar 100022 bricks, build uprepparttar 100023 outside edges with additional sand, and then shovel inrepparttar 100024 topsoil and pack down firmly.

Finally, spread stone dust overrepparttar 100025 new walkway and sweep intorepparttar 100026 cracks. Repeat this process a couple of times to ensurerepparttar 100027 cracks are fully filled. This will completerepparttar 100028 interlocking ofrepparttar 100029 bricks and help to eliminate any weed growth. Just add grass seed torepparttar 100030 outside edges and you should have a beautiful entrance to your home within a couple of weeks.

Over the past 20+ years Mr. Donovan has been involved with building homes and home additions. Mr. Donovan's formal education & profession have been as an Electrical Engineer & Marketing Manager.

Secrets of the Screw

Written by Tim Tulethyme

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Drill a quick pilot hole thrurepparttar bits. This pilot hole should be less than halfrepparttar 100008 diameter ofrepparttar 100009 screw you intend to insert. Handy tip - if you want to gaugerepparttar 100010 depth your have drilled, place a bit of tape onrepparttar 100011 drill bit.

Countersink onrepparttar 100012 top piece of wood, sorepparttar 100013 job will look nice and sit flush. Insertrepparttar 100014 screw and tighten tillrepparttar 100015 head is flush withrepparttar 100016 countersunk hole. Don't over-tighten or most modern self-tapping screws will start to 'chew up'repparttar 100017 wood, and may even become loose!

To hiderepparttar 100018 screw head (especially important on jobs where security is an issue!) use a dowel plug. You'll have to drillrepparttar 100019 countersink a little deeper for this, of course. After insertingrepparttar 100020 plug, simply sand it down level withrepparttar 100021 board.

Handy tip to prevent splitting when screwing nearrepparttar 100022 end of a board - drill a larger hole and insert a dowel, then screw into THAT instead ofrepparttar 100023 wood itself. Easy huh? Till next time, happy screwing!

Tim is the head DIY expert at the free site for tool home improvement tips.

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