Installing Ceramic Tile

Written by Mark Donovan

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Note: Only make up enough ceramic adhesive for 30 minutes, as this material hasrepparttar tendency to harden up rather quickly.

Oncerepparttar 100010 adhesive has been applied, begin installingrepparttar 100011 tiles working fromrepparttar 100012 center outward. On larger tiles you should back butter them. Basically, apply a thin coating of mastic torepparttar 100013 back ofrepparttar 100014 tile prior to laying it onrepparttar 100015 floor. This will help ensure a good bond.

As you nearrepparttar 100016 walls or edges of cabinets, tubs and toilets, you will need to cut some ofrepparttar 100017 tiles. I highly recommendrepparttar 100018 use of a Wet-Saw. A Wet-Saw will allow you to make very accurate cuts, both large and small. You will also save money, as you will waste many fewer tiles with bad cuts or broken tiles. Wet-Saws are not that expensive and once you see your finished product you will certainly be installing more tile. Wet-Saws can also be rented as a cheaper alternative.

When applying Tiles, you may want to use Lugs. Lugs are effectively spacers that come in various thicknesses. I typically like to have no more than a space betweenrepparttar 100019 tiles. Employing Spacers will ensure uniformity with your tile spacing.


Afterrepparttar 100020 Tile has been completely installed, allow it to sit for 24-48 hours before applying grout and walking on it. Grout comes in many different colors and is very easy to install. Simply mixrepparttar 100021 grout with water or a special bonding agent and apply with a rubber trowel. Runrepparttar 100022 trowel on a bias when going over tile corners.

Oncerepparttar 100023 grout has been applied, immediately wiperepparttar 100024 tile of excess grout, using a wet sponge and a bucket of water. Wait 30 minutes and again wiperepparttar 100025 tiles down of any residual grout. Wait another 60 minutes and repeat. If grout is left onrepparttar 100026 tiles to dry, you will have a great deal of elbow work scraping it off.

Letrepparttar 100027 grout sit up for 24 hours and it is ready for use and admiration.

Over the past 20+ years Mr. Donovan has been involved with building homes and home additions. Mr. Donovan's formal education & profession have been as an Electrical Engineer & Marketing Manager.

Installing a Brick or Paver Walkway

Written by Mark Donovan

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Inevitably bricks/pavers will need to be cut or split when buildingrepparttar walkway. Unless you want to buy or rent an expensive wetsaw, I would suggest purchasing a simple brick/paver splitter. It is basically a chisel with a wide end that isrepparttar 100009 width ofrepparttar 100010 bricks/pavers. To actually cut/splitrepparttar 100011 brick/paver, lay it in a bed of sand and placerepparttar 100012 chisel at a 75% angle overrepparttar 100013 spot where you want to breakrepparttar 100014 brick. Then using a hammer strikerepparttar 100015 butt end ofrepparttar 100016 chisel firmly. You may need to do this a couple of times. You may also want to fliprepparttar 100017 brick/paver over and strikerepparttar 100018 other side ofrepparttar 100019 brick usingrepparttar 100020 hammer and chisle. Within one or two strikesrepparttar 100021 brick/paver should break cleanly. If your walkway has curves you will need to buy/rent a wetsaw.

After installingrepparttar 100022 bricks, build uprepparttar 100023 outside edges with additional sand, and then shovel inrepparttar 100024 topsoil and pack down firmly.

Finally, spread stone dust overrepparttar 100025 new walkway and sweep intorepparttar 100026 cracks. Repeat this process a couple of times to ensurerepparttar 100027 cracks are fully filled. This will completerepparttar 100028 interlocking ofrepparttar 100029 bricks and help to eliminate any weed growth. Just add grass seed torepparttar 100030 outside edges and you should have a beautiful entrance to your home within a couple of weeks.

Over the past 20+ years Mr. Donovan has been involved with building homes and home additions. Mr. Donovan's formal education & profession have been as an Electrical Engineer & Marketing Manager.

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