Inspired Songwriting

Written by Yuri Ivanov

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Now, if you're notes are all correct but you can't seem to come up with something you like, it may be time to inject a new technique to spice things up a bit.

Let's say you recognizerepparttar chords and you knowrepparttar 149611 notes. Try looking atrepparttar 149612 notes in a whole new way such as:

1. Arpeggios. (The notes ofrepparttar 149613 chords)

2. Skipping strings for wider note intervals.

3. Right hand tapping.

4. Whammy bar effects.

5. Pinching harmonics...

One ofrepparttar 149614 biggest problems is not being able to decide for if something was good or not. If you have this trouble too, get someone else's opinion. If possible someone who can suggest helpful insight.

If you can't find someone to critique your tune, you MUST decide for yourself and move on...otherwise you'll never get your tune finished.

Yuri Ivanov - Guitar instructor and music writer. Co-writer and webmaster at Guitar Lessons Online

A Short Biography on Some of Europe's Most Loved and Hated Monarchs - Pt2 (Mad) King George III

Written by Stuart Bazga

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Ten years afterrepparttar ending of war with France, England joined a continental coalition against French revolutionary forces who sought total French supremacy throughout Europe. By 1797, most of Europe was under French control, with England going at it alone againstrepparttar 149486 oppressive French Republic. The British Navy again proved its worth by defeating French forces at Camperdown, Cape St. Vincent andrepparttar 149487 Battle ofrepparttar 149488 Nile in 1797, and finally at Copenhagen in 1801. France sued for peace in 1802.

Napoleon Bonaparte came to power and in 1803 renewed attacks against England, which lasted until 1814. Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, ledrepparttar 149489 army whilst Lord Horatio Nelson, who wonrepparttar 149490 decisive battle off Cape Trafalgar, commandedrepparttar 149491 British navy. In addition torepparttar 149492 war with France, England was also at war again withrepparttar 149493 United States duringrepparttar 149494 period 1812-14, overrepparttar 149495 British practice of conscripting American seamen into service inrepparttar 149496 British Navy.

In 1814, both wars came to an end; Napoleon was defeated and England agreed not to press into service anymore-American sailors.

George's madness ultimately leftrepparttar 149497 fate ofrepparttar 149498 crown inrepparttar 149499 hands of his eldest son George, Prince Regent. Prince George was put inrepparttar 149500 unenviable position of attempting to govern according torepparttar 149501 increasingly erratic behaviour of his father.

King George III died blind, deaf and mad at Windsor Castle on January 29, 1820.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about King George III.

In my next article will learn aboutrepparttar 149502 life of King Ludwig II Unitl then,

Best wishes and have a great day

Stuart Bazga

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