Inspiration Through Intuition

Written by Lisa van den Berg

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A friend I worked with told me an astounding story.

She was sitting at work one day when she got a blinding ‘flash’ in her head. In those couple of seconds she saw a truck smash intorepparttar drivers side of her husband’s car and crush him to death. She said she was so ‘charged’ that she screamed to him to move over torepparttar 101976 passenger side. Whenrepparttar 101977 phone rang later andrepparttar 101978 police told her that her husband had been in an accident but was miraculously unhurt, she rushed over torepparttar 101979 hospital. When she got there he told her about what had happened. He had been waiting forrepparttar 101980 lights to change and all of a sudden her face had appeared in front of him, screaming to him to move torepparttar 101981 passenger side ofrepparttar 101982 car. He saidrepparttar 101983 look on her face was so compelling that he shifted immediately. As he did,repparttar 101984 truck ploughed intorepparttar 101985 seat that he’d just left. The Police said he would have died instantly.

That isrepparttar 101986 power of tuning in, acknowledging and recognizing your Intuitive capabilities. When God sends yourepparttar 101987 things you need, to get your life going inrepparttar 101988 direction you want to go, he’ll whisper them softly in your ear. They'll stay with you and keep on whispering until you act on them. You just need to learn to listen.

Open your heart to your Intuition and listen for its quiet prompts. When you ‘feel’ that you want to make beautiful pottery all day long and not be a corporate banker, haverepparttar 101989 courage to do what your heart is telling you that you love to do and know that everything will always be all right, because God is with you.

Discover your Inspiration by listening to your Intuition.

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Keep An Open Mind Because Life Is A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Written by Noel Peebles

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What do you really want? That question is atrepparttar foundation of all success. Wanting it badly enough... that you will work through problem after problem, and failure after failure, to get what you really want.

If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!

- What's holding you back from achieving what you really want? - What's stopping you from developing those brilliant ideas? - What's stopping you from turning your dreams into reality?

Is it your current circumstances or is it what you are choosing to believe about those circumstances and your power (or lack of) to change them?

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You createrepparttar 101975 life you live through your choices and your thoughts.

You don't always get exactly what you want, but in repparttar 101976 long run you will get what you expect.

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