Inspiration Or Faith-Which Comes First?

Written by Arthur Levine

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Whatever inspires us to find our faith in God;repparttar fact is that we do haverepparttar 151217 need to believe. Most of us have to believe in a higher power to make our lives tolerable. We want to have faith because it helps us achieve inner peace of mind. We are inspired to have faith because we want to succeed in our journey to find God.

May God grant usrepparttar 151218 strength andrepparttar 151219 inspiration andrepparttar 151220 faith to succeed in our search on a journey that never ends .repparttar 151221 search to find God.

Arthur Levine is the author of the Faith Patch Manual and The Magic Of Faith. Please visit his Web sites to get inspired to continue your search for God at: and or his blog at:

Trust Your Intuition!

Written by Lois Galloway

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Get Creative

Creativity provides a forum for expression and a great venue for helping your intuition get past allrepparttar day to day stuff in life.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

When you ask yourself, 'What'srepparttar 151071 next step?", you will instinctively know what you need to do. This isrepparttar 151072 time when you must begin to learn to trust yourself.

Remember, intuition is not something you can force, it simply must be allowed to surface. Give it time to work on challenges you may face, be open torepparttar 151073 possibilities and you will be rewarded with an instant awareness and perhaps an "Aha" or two.

Intuition is never attached to results. There's no rush, no confusion. Just a feeling of empowerment. Your own intuition will support your personal growth and help you through lifes transitions. Begin by putting it to work in small ways and eventually your sixth sense will enhance your life like your other five senses are able to do.

Let me challenge you to put yourself out there forrepparttar 151074 next twenty-four hours and make a list of allrepparttar 151075 times you have listened to your own intuition. Some of you may find that it speaks to you many times and others not at all.

That's ok.

Sometimes it takes time and commitment to develop this skill but I guarantee you will find a huge difference in your life once you begin trusting this wonderful power within you.

Lois Galloway is a Professional Coach. Lois is also the founder of Discover Yourself Coaching. To learn more about how you can shift into high gear and move forward in your life and to sign up for her monthly newsletters, visit

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