Insights to Advertising

Written by Patrick Hale (Pat @Maxaid)

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The newcomer thats seeking a marketing opportunity online is most certainly mesmerized with allrepparttar ad claims as they review each and every one searching forrepparttar 101074 one that will launch their new biz online.

And one day after allrepparttar 101075 searching, research, ad copies and postings..........................

Voila ! there it is "You've made Another Sale"and no it wasn'trepparttar 101076 little green check fairy. It Was Advertising !

Ads arerepparttar 101077 tidings of opportunity and without them many of us would not be in our present occupations. They are like panning for gold. You will pan through tons of dirt just to discover that little nugget of gold.

So always remember that an ad is like a coin with two sides, one an opportunity for a new biz andrepparttar 101078 other an opportunity for a sale and they both Represent Money.

"Man`s horizons are bounded only by his vision"

To Your Success, Pat @Maxaid

Pat @Maxaid - Publisher of Maxaid News The Un-Ordinary Ezine, The whole Truth and nothing butrepparttar 101079 Truth, about marketing online. Subscribe at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pat @Maxaid - Publisher of Maxaid News The Un-Ordinary Ezine, The whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, about marketing online. Subscribe at

Target Practice And The Internet Entrepreneur

Written by Elizabeth Piotrowski

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idea of submitting to individual ffa pages, try a database submitter, like or Your ad can be on thousands of sites in minutes. And don't forget to set up a 'junk' email account BEFORE you post torepparttar ffas, or you will be in trouble! Next arerepparttar 101073 safelists. I submit to under 40 safelists daily, but receive over 1000 emails in each of my 7 mailboxes every 2 days! The point is, whether you use ffas or safelists, you cannot escape a full inbox :) Safelist examples are and, and they get pretty good results if your headline is effective. If you can, try a sponsor ad (your ad atrepparttar 101074 top of every email sent torepparttar 101075 safelist) - incredible results, but only forrepparttar 101076 first 3 or 4 days - I noticed a loss of interest shortly thereafter. The list goes on and on - start page programs, banner exchanges, reciprocal links, classified ads, ezine advertising - try all ofrepparttar 101077 above. Findrepparttar 101078 mix that works best for you. And, when it stops working, either drop it entirely or mix differently. Eventually you will find a winning combination. ------------------------------------------------- Elizabeth is a freelance copywriter and owner of Strategy Ad Service. She provides copywriting solutions for small businesses worldwide. For promotion ideas, free articles or more information about her services, visit her website at -------------------------------------------------


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