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Written by Ken Garner

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invisible to Search Engines. * Some robots "rapid fire" requests causing severe, server loading problems which can detract from your visitors browsing experience and ultimately cause loss of business. The answer to this problem lies in having a Robot exclusion file on your web server. Robot exclusion files, normally inrepparttar form of "robots.txt" are ASCII text files which reside inrepparttar 128063 document root directory of web servers and are used to set access permissions and controlrepparttar 128064 actions of robots or spiders. Most ofrepparttar 128065 major US and international Search Engines deploy spiders which look for a robots.txt file during their visit to a web site. There is an agreed industry standard for robots.txt files and, in order to work as anticipated, robots.txt has to be correctly formatted and placed inrepparttar 128066 proper location onrepparttar 128067 web server. Once uploaded to your server robots.txt is utilized to notify individual spiders about which elements of a web site cannot be visited and should not be made available onrepparttar 128068 public Internet. Used in conjunction with Search Engine optimization tools and/or services robots.txt can significantly enhance your sites chances of that all-important first page listing onrepparttar 128069 major US and international Search Engines by focusing individual spiders on specific content.

Although only a small ASCII text file, robots.txt enables a significant degree of fine tuning to be applied to your Search Engine optimization program. Used intelligently robots.txt can do a big job, significantly improving your knowledge about, and control of, visiting Search Engine robots. This is particularlyrepparttar 128070 case where a web site owner either wishes to deliver specific content optimized for a particular Search Engine, or has paid for an accelerated Search Engine listing service where if would be useful to trackrepparttar 128071 activity ofrepparttar 128072 robot associated with that specific paid-for service.

Just as Robot Number 5 gathered more and more input and transformed this data into useful information, so web site owners can userepparttar 128073 data generated byrepparttar 128074 interaction between robots.txt, visiting spiders and their web logs to gain significant competitive advantage.

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A Short Tutorial on Website Submissions & Linking to your site

Written by LORDWOLF

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(12) MSN: MSN draws results from first, then after that, matches are displayed from (13) AltaVista. Therefore, we submit at (a directory) and to AltaVista to be found in MSN.

Additionally there are very popular Search engines to submit to that can be found on many web sites using search box's.

(14) Infoseek/Go Network (15) Lycos (16) Planet Search (17) WebCrawler (18) What-U-Seek (19) WhatsNu (20) Northern Light I hoperepparttar information given will aid you to get your sites placed inrepparttar 128062 search engines so give some thought to your keywords, check your load times, make sure your site is easy to navigate, and get submitting. To learn more about how Search engines rate sites and other tips I would recommend visiting

---------------------------------------------- Resubmission's are just as important


After allrepparttar 128063 hard work you've done to submit your site, don't neglect it by hoping you will stay on top - YOU WON'T! You must resubmit your site at a min of every 4 weeks. There are some great programs and sites out there that can submit your site for you so be sure to book mark at least 3 sites if you don't have sumitting software.

I use a calendar here to remind me when I am due to resubmit. But for beginnersrepparttar 128064 easiest thing you can do is, submit onrepparttar 128065 1st of every month. Your site will remain fresh inrepparttar 128066 databases and show it as a current site submission. Withrepparttar 128067 information above you are armed now so you know what sites will give yourepparttar 128068 best results.

With out question you NEED to get listed inrepparttar 128069 ODP site - thoughrepparttar 128070 evaluator may be your competitor and my not register your site in his section, this may not berepparttar 128071 case with other link categories that followrepparttar 128072 the same theme. You want to be listed in as MANY categories as you can (what'srepparttar 128073 worst that can happen? They say no?) So submit to each available listing inrepparttar 128074 main category.

---------------------------- Linking to other sites ----------------------------- Who should you try to get to link to you? In simple terms, anyone and everyone. In more practical terms however, it depends onrepparttar 128075 effort and what you have to give up in return. Exchanging a banner ad on your site for a link from a high quality busy site may be extremely valuable for attracting new visitors. The banner may however, redirect your hard sought visitor torepparttar 128076 banner site and away from yours.

Banners also tend to clutter a web page, increaserepparttar 128077 load time and distract your visitors. You can only put up a limited number and then what do you exchange?

When wasrepparttar 128078 last time you cruised a link exchange site looking for somewhere interesting to go? The fact is people look for sites with search engines or by search lists and recommendations at related sites. Link exchanges will produce few if any visitors and if they do they will probably not be prime candidates for your product or service. That is not unless you have a link exchange site yourself.

Not necessarily. There is actually a growing value to having these links to your site. As previously mentioned, many search engines, especially second generation engines, are starting to use site popularity as a way to rank your site. In other words, a site with 100 links to it will rank higher inrepparttar 128079 search results than a site with only 5 or six. It is consequently important to establish links to your site both forrepparttar 128080 traffic they can generate directly and forrepparttar 128081 indirect value of improving your search engine ranking.

Although Link Exchanges may be of value, it is better to put your initial efforts into exchanging links with other related sites. Not only will they generate more visitors,repparttar 128082 visitors they do generate will be better qualified. What about competitors? Sometimes competitors attract viewers who may not find exactly what they need. If you allow your competition to also have a link what'srepparttar 128083 harm? The idea is to attractrepparttar 128084 viewer. link pages if you have a lot of links and put any Link Exchange banners on your site. Put these atrepparttar 128085 bottom if you do decide to use them all to often these banners will hang while loading and causerepparttar 128086 page itself to hang - most viewers will not wait long so play it safe, and put it atrepparttar 128087 bottom. This wayrepparttar 128088 viewer can still see your site and thenrepparttar 128089 banner later.

Joining Web Rings related to your topic if one is available or create one if not is another option available to attract viewers. With E commerce now onrepparttar 128090 rise shoppers want to findrepparttar 128091 best deals by having allrepparttar 128092 related competition in one ring it makes it easy to find what and wererepparttar 128093 best deals are. The key to using rings, is inrepparttar 128094 registration ofrepparttar 128095 page - you must userepparttar 128096 full URL address ofrepparttar 128097 page that will hostrepparttar 128098 banner for that ring. This is especially important if your site uses frames.

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