Innovative Business Use of RSS as a Technology

Written by S. Housley

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3. Video - Video or streaming video are both possible viarepparttar enclosure field. Have lectures or even political debates come to life withrepparttar 133354 added video component.

4. Audio - Audio content does not mean that feeds are limited to your favorite songs. Podcasting isrepparttar 133355 coined term for audio content contained in a feed and can include language instruction, talk shows or editorials.

5. Images - Imagine realtors usingrepparttar 133356 enclosure field to display photos of homes to interested buyers. Now they can carry a light-weight catalog with them to show potential buyers at a moment's notice.

6. Downloads - Consider an information technology department in a large corporation conducting proprietary software updates, including executables or zip files inrepparttar 133357 enclosure field which allow users to updaterepparttar 133358 software at a convenient time.

Feedreaders are playing catch- up RSS news aggregators were initially designed to receive text-based content. As users find outside-the-box uses for RSS, developers of RSS readers are struggling to release new versions that supportrepparttar 133359 enclosures businesses are eager to use.

FeedDemon, a popular RSS reader, has recently added support for every type of enclosure in their latest release. They have created a safe list that can be customized to include specific types of file types like PDFs. This will automate downloads of files that are deemed "safe". This was clearly designed with security in mind, to prevent automatic downloading of executables.

Businesses are revolutionizing RSS as a communication medium. While some traditional businesses are struggling to include monthly newsletter summaries in an RSS feed and reaprepparttar 133360 benefits of RSS, other innovative businesses are adopting incredibly creative uses for both internal and external corporate communications.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

How to make a time-lapse video with your digital video camera

Written by Kevin Rockwell

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I use Adobe Premiere Pro for my editing jobs, but I have also used Avid DV Express, Final Cut Pro, and others inrepparttar non linear editing world. These are all great programs and are very powerful products that can create some very professional looking videos. You don’t have to have these products to create your own videos but if you are serious about digital video editing it might be a good idea to take a look at these options.

I digitize my raw video ofrepparttar 133353 scene I am doing time lapse on into my computer (big hard drive, video eats up GB’s of space) and then importrepparttar 133354 clip into my time line. From th3e timeline you can then selectrepparttar 133355 clip with a right click. From there you will be given a menu with options depending onrepparttar 133356 software you use. Selectrepparttar 133357 option that says “duration”, “speed” or something similar. Changerepparttar 133358 speed ofrepparttar 133359 clip so that time will speed up considerably. If you have an hour of video inrepparttar 133360 clip and want to shorten it to 2 -5 minutes then you need to increaserepparttar 133361 speed ofrepparttar 133362 clip to 3 or 4 thousand percent of normal. This will require your software to renderrepparttar 133363 clip atrepparttar 133364 higher speed and may take some time top process depending onrepparttar 133365 speed of your computer.

Once you have renderedrepparttar 133366 video clip atrepparttar 133367 new speed you will want to play it to see ifrepparttar 133368 movie flows evenly or if you will want to readjustrepparttar 133369 speed setting to make it better. Sometimes you may want to shorten your raw video and adjustrepparttar 133370 speed down somewhat in order to get a smooth flow of action. Once you have renderedrepparttar 133371 clip atrepparttar 133372 new speed you can now cut and splice it as you see fit withrepparttar 133373 speeded up action intact. There are some things you will record that might only need a slight speed change, take for instance some digital video of your kids playing sports. Double or triplerepparttar 133374 speed ofrepparttar 133375 clip and show it to them and you might have them rolling onrepparttar 133376 floor.

You can also use these techniques to capturerepparttar 133377 growth of a flower or plant overrepparttar 133378 course of days or weeks. Simply set you camera in exactlyrepparttar 133379 same place atrepparttar 133380 same time each day and record an interval that works each day fro however long you want to document. May be you getrepparttar 133381 seedling just breaking soil and follow it allrepparttar 133382 way through turning into a full grown plant.

Another interesting idea is to capturerepparttar 133383 path ofrepparttar 133384 moon acrossrepparttar 133385 night sky. Set up your camera on a tripod in a spot that can seerepparttar 133386 path ofrepparttar 133387 moon for several hours. Setrepparttar 133388 camera to interval record and putrepparttar 133389 moon on one side ofrepparttar 133390 frame so that it will pass acrossrepparttar 133391 frame asrepparttar 133392 night passes. This one may require some testing in order to getrepparttar 133393 exposure and framing right as well asrepparttar 133394 right interval to record at. Most likely you would want to setrepparttar 133395 interval as long as you can andrepparttar 133396 record time as short as you can but do a test run first to see what works.

I can’t stress enough that using your digital video camera can be great fun and you can achieve some cool results. Play around and test. You just might find yourself creating some very creative digital video to share withrepparttar 133397 rest ofrepparttar 133398 world.

Kevin Rockwell worked as a network TV cameraman for 20 years shooting news and sports. Now a devoted fan of digital photography and video he works to gather information, tips and news for digital camera users. Oh and he loves to shoot pictures of cool and interesting things all the time.

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