Infrared Photography with Sony's Night-shot mode

Written by Rick Blythe

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to in your closet. Rip one apart today. One that's labelled DOS 4.01 would be a really good choice. Getrepparttar round disk out of it. Then put your camera into nightshot mode (not night-framing). Go outside and holdrepparttar 140548 floppy best as you can overrepparttar 140549 front ofrepparttar 140550 lens flat. Then find some nice puffy clouds and trees to take a picture of. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Give this a try folks! It's positively addictive. Now, I wonder if I can do this with my Nikon D70?

Rick is an avid amateur photographer who runs the popular blog- Better Digital Photography

Making a Child's Handprint on Ceramic Tile

Written by Dy Witt

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Make surerepparttar paint goes allrepparttar 140521 way torepparttar 140522 ends ofrepparttar 140523 fingers and thumb and pressrepparttar 140524 hand straight down ontorepparttar 140525 surface ofrepparttar 140526 tile, quickly but gently and firmly, rollingrepparttar 140527 fingers slightly sorepparttar 140528 print doesnt look like skeleton fingers lol. Liftrepparttar 140529 hand straight up and see how cool! Wash their hands with soap,repparttar 140530 paint is water soluable and non-staining, but dont let them lick it. With a fine brush, writerepparttar 140531 child's name and date or birthday or age right onrepparttar 140532 tile. Set it in a safe place to dry well.

If you are nervous about smearingrepparttar 140533 dry glaze, have them fired at "cone 04" before paintingrepparttar 140534 clear gloss on top. This isrepparttar 140535 proper way, but ifrepparttar 140536 underglaze is good and dry and you are very careful, it is ok to putrepparttar 140537 clear glaze on unfired underglaze and firerepparttar 140538 tile once at "cone 06" andrepparttar 140539 results will berepparttar 140540 same. Either way, getrepparttar 140541 large floppy brush again and paint 3 thin coats of clear gloss onrepparttar 140542 tile and fire to "cone 06".

You can buy frames from most ceramic stores that sellrepparttar 140543 tiles. They will last forever. Have fun!

Dy Witt has 21 years experience in ceramic glaze handling, 15 in hand-painted ceramic tile. Her level of realistic detail is unique in the true ceramic process.

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