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Written by Priyanka Joseph

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With over 24 man years inrepparttar contact centre industry,repparttar 107910 Infotronics' management team assures exceptional performance in all key areas including Operations, Quality, IT, Marketing and Account Management. Infotronics constantly strives to achieve business excellence across people, processes, procedures and infrastructure. Ability to promote and maintain effective teamwork and staff motivation delivers results in environments whererepparttar 107911 'quality culture' is key. Infotronics believes in developing solid business plans that enhance relationships between clients, representatives and customers.

Priyanka Joseph Infotronics Private Limited, 47, 3rd Street, Abiramapuram, Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018, INDIA. Tel: +91 44 2498 7300/ 5211 1280 Fax: +91 44 2498 3393 Mail:

A to Z guide in CallWave software download

Written by Teddy

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Besides all those features listed above, CallWave also provide these special features that other call alert services don't offer.(and this is why i am only recommending CallWave call alert service.)

Your personal CallWave fax number Receive or send fax directly from/ to your email inbox with your personal CallWave Fax number.

CallWave Toll-Free Home Number Save your friends and family’s money by getting a CallWave toll-free home number. No long distance calls cost for people who are calling you anymore!

CallWave Phone Number Your own personal, private CallWave phone number. Enables your friends and family to reach you anywhere, anytime - whether you're online, onrepparttar phone or away from home. Save up your money for setting up an extra phone line.

Telemarketer Blocking Tired with all those telemarketer calls? Get them blocked with CallWave! This feature blocks annoying telemarketer calls and triggersrepparttar 107909 removal of your phone number fromrepparttar 107910 telemarketer's automated dialing system.

If you need a demo on CallWave, please visit this page:

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