Written by Scott Shaper

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What about allrepparttar people testifying aboutrepparttar 147039 big money they made? They are most likely paid actors, notice nobody gives a phone number to call, or an address to write. And what about those big check stubs they have in their possession. Well I can print those up on my computer too, doesn't mean I haverepparttar 147040 money. Also, ever notice howrepparttar 147041 check stubs are allrepparttar 147042 same? I guess everyone hasrepparttar 147043 same bank.

What aboutrepparttar 147044 infomercials that invite you a free workshop? You are invited to attend their free workshop where you will learn how to make money with their system. Ok, once again let's dorepparttar 147045 math. Somebody, with a money making system that has made them lots of money; are going to advertise for thirty minutes on various television networks, then rent out a banquet room at a major hotel that can seat over 100, purchase various printed material forrepparttar 147046 guests to read and take notes on, put on a four hour workshop, all for free. Yea right, once again front end, back end sales. You seerepparttar 147047 front end isrepparttar 147048 free money making workshop which, attractsrepparttar 147049 suckers. Now they have a target audience, a bunch of people who are going to sit down and attentively watch a four hour commercial. This commercial called "the workshop" will be very entertaining, and very well orchestrated at selling. Byrepparttar 147050 time most of these people leaverepparttar 147051 free workshop they will be handing over there hard earned money purchasing all sorts of kits, which will teach them this remarkable money making system. And these kits will not be just twenty or so dollars; oh no, they will be hundreds dollars. This is once againrepparttar 147052 back end sale where these people make their money. They spend it up front to get you intorepparttar 147053 door and before you know it they got you purchasing their products for hundreds of dollars.

What aboutrepparttar 147054 people who testify how greatrepparttar 147055 workshops are when they are leavingrepparttar 147056 banquet room, like shown onrepparttar 147057 commercial. Well they are either paid actors, or suckers who just parted with a few hundred dollars of there money and actually think they have something of value. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it andrepparttar 147058 market would be so saturated that nobody would make a dime.

When you come across one of these infomercials, changerepparttar 147059 channel before you get sucked intorepparttar 147060 scam. If you feelrepparttar 147061 need to watch one take downrepparttar 147062 product they are selling andrepparttar 147063 name ofrepparttar 147064 person selling it. Then go to your favorite search engine, enter their name, or product, and see what comes up. In allrepparttar 147065 cases where I have done this I find all sorts of information from people who have been suckered by this person or product and how stupid they feel for every getting involved with it. In some cases I have read where some of these infomercial people have been imprisoned for various frauds. If you are really concerned e mail me about it. I will be happy to investigate it for you and post my findings on my website. I already have listed numerous scams both in my book "Crime Awareness 101," and on my scams and more scams page located in my Members Area. Don't be another sucker you work too hard for you money just to give it to a scammer.

Scott Shaper is a former police officer of over 14 years. He is also the author of the popular book "Crime Awareness 101", and the operator of the webstite

'Free' and 'Low Cost' PC Offers – The Catch

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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If you decide to cancel your Internet service for any reason, chances are you'll have to pay back some or all ofrepparttar rebate you received; you also may have to pay a cancellation fee of $50 or more.

If you don't live in a major metropolitan area, you may have to pay long distance telephone charges to accessrepparttar 146607 Internet. Or you also may be able to use a "toll-free" (800, 888 or 877) number supplied byrepparttar 146608 Internet Service Provider (ISP), but you may be charged five or six dollars an hour to use their "toll-free" number. Whether you choose to userepparttar 146609 ISP's telephone number or pay long-distance charges, your phone calls to accessrepparttar 146610 Internet could add up to more than you'll save throughrepparttar 146611 rebate.

Ifrepparttar 146612 PC offer requires you to sign-up for Internet service, askrepparttar 146613 retailer andrepparttar 146614 ISP forrepparttar 146615 Internet access phone numbers closest to you. Then check with your local phone company to determine whether you have to pay long distance rates to use those phone numbers. You may want to consider another offer ifrepparttar 146616 "deal" you're considering requires you to call long distance or pay a fee to accessrepparttar 146617 Internet.

Other Costs

It's possible thatrepparttar 146618 cost of a monitor or other crucial system components may not be included inrepparttar 146619 PC offer you're considering. The advertisements forrepparttar 146620 offer may not be clear about what's included. If you have to buy a monitor, for example, plan on spending at least an additional $150.

When considering a "free" or "low cost" PC offer, askrepparttar 146621 retailer about up-front costs, rebates, essential components, Internet access costs, long-term commitments, cancellation policies, local or long distance phone access and any other important issues. Details will help you determine if you can affordrepparttar 146622 “free” PC.

Richard A. Chapo is a business lawyer with - This article is for information purposes only. Read more business law articles to help your business.

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