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For how long does a domain name belong to you? Generally when you register a domain name it is registered for a minimum of one year. However, you can register it for more years, as there is no hard and fast rule as such.

What is Domain Renewal? After one year you need to renew your domain name so that your website doesnít get lost. Generally when your domain is about to expire your domain registrar will send you a reminder mail regardingrepparttar domain renewal.

What happens when your domain name expires? When your domain name expires you can renew it within one month. If you donít renew it in this period it goes into a redemption phase. It stays in this redemption phase for 15 to 30 days before it is then available for purchase again at a normal price. Getting a domain name out of redemption phase is like buying fifty domains as it can cost around $200!

How to find outrepparttar 105209 owner of a domain name? To find outrepparttar 105210 owner of a domain name, userepparttar 105211 WhoIs search tool onrepparttar 105212 Internet .For E.g. Go to and typerepparttar 105213 domain name under Domain Dossier. It will show yourepparttar 105214 name ofrepparttar 105215 registrant/domainís owner/web host.

What is WhoIs record? WhoIS record is a domain name search engine/Internet program where users can enter an Internet entity (e.g. a domain, a network, some hosts) and it will give detailed information onrepparttar 105216 domain registrar,repparttar 105217 owner ofrepparttar 105218 domain, and respective DNS records.

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.CN Is China's Domain

Written by Tom

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China's economy is growing very quickly. The amount of internet users in China is increasing by leaps and bounds. China is quickly becoming a major economic powerhouse. If you have a business that would like to reach this extremely huge and rapidly developing market, a .CN domain name for your website may be a very good way to do just that.

Please visit for more general information about .CN Domains

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