Information Security Policy

Written by Blane Warrene

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Back to TopA daily and monthly data backup process should exist which also provides for off-site or fireproof storage ofrepparttar backup data in a non-editable format (i.e. offline magnetic tape or CD-R (not CD-RW)). Any connection torepparttar 133549 Internet, from a shared 56 K modem to a broadband (DSL, Cable or T1) connection, should be behind a software or hardware-based firewall. If not, this is an immediate and gaping hole through which crackers can access your private network or use your computer for an attack on a larger public or private network (often called a DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service attack). Use a password to login to your computer even if it is not on a network. Passwords should be at least eight characters and changed as often as tolerable (90 days is a satisfactory time period). Use and update daily an anti-virus software suite, which can protect your individual computers as well as any servers you use. By taking these steps, you are dramatically reducing your exposure to uninvited intrusions. The inventory you established earlier can then be reviewed and a plan can be developed by your business and your technology staff/consultant to ensure your office network and data is a fortress with a little risk as possible. Learn More About Securing Your Computer, Data and Network

Security Tracker This site tracks all known vulnerabilities and threats in Internet and network technology. Microsoft Security Micorsoft's site dedicated to their own applications, including software patches and alerts to newly discovered security issues. TinHat The ABCs of web and Internet Security.

Prior to participating in the founding of BMRW & Associates, Blane served most recently as the Director of Technology for VESTAX Securities Corporation. In this capacity he was responsible for the management and evolution of the IT infrastructure and services for internal operations and field technology services for VESTAX financial advisors.

Blane brings substantial knowledge in application & data integration, mining and management .

AMSOIL Synthetic motor oil, the best in synthetics

Written by Sgt. Robert McGee /USMC

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I had my motor oil tested at an independent analysis lab and it turns out that my car's oil is cleaner than most Bottled water. Even after 6 months and 8,000 miles my car had no soot build up,no signs of breaking down, only 24 parts per million of iron deposits, my kinimatic viscosity Index at 100C dropped from a 11.7 to a 11.5 meaning thatrepparttar oil had been virtually untouched. To learn more visit my website

I am 24 years oil, I live in California I have been in the Marine Corps for 5 years now. I am an Avation Calibrator Metrology Tech. I own my own business as an AMSOIL Dealer.

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