Inexpensive Places to Register Domain Names

Written by Merle

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Some other registration sites with good prices are: 14.99 per year 15.00 per year 13.99 per year 13.50 per year 20.00 per year 12.00 per year

For a complete list of alternatives go to

If you have someone else registerrepparttar name for you, like your host, make your name is put down asrepparttar 108322 owner and administrative contact. The only placerepparttar 108323 host's name should go is underrepparttar 108324 "technical contact." If they set themselves up asrepparttar 108325 owner they will then have complete control of your domain, which could be a nightmare downrepparttar 108326 road if you ever decide to change hosts. Trust me on this, I've seen it happen.

For help choosing a name try NameBoy It works great for generating new ideas.

Registering a domain is not difficult. When you're ready to do it, make sure you shop around and compare prices and features. You'll be glad you did!

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Register Domain Names One Year At A Time!

Written by Michael Campbell

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In no event shallrepparttar total unexpired term of a registration exceed ten (10) years.

So there you have it folks, right from ICANN themselves. If you have a lot of domain names - like me - you may want to keep them reserved one a year at a time, to keep your costs down. Or, if you have a company name not likely to be sold inrepparttar 108321 future, you can register it for 10 years at a big savings off ofrepparttar 108322 regular price.

After digging and digging around, at several ICANN accredited registrars, I was hard pressed to find even one that allowed anything butrepparttar 108323 old two year registrations. I did finally find one Canadian company that does one to ten year registrations (partnered with Melbourne IT an ICANN accredited registrar). The fact that they have a shopping cart to allow multiple registrations and a real time database is justrepparttar 108324 icing onrepparttar 108325 cake.

With 21 domain names to register, I'm happy to say that I saved over $600 US by being able to register them for a single year, instead of two, and I submitted them all with a single mouse click.

Michael Campbell Author, Nothing But 'Net

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