Industrial Safety

Written by Jim Staller

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Fire Prevention – Working in an industrial area means that there is always a possibility that a fire may occur. If a situation like this arises, you will want to be prepared andrepparttar best way to do so is by having a fire extinguisher on hand at all tomes. Fire extinguishers arerepparttar 149318 best way to eliminate or control fires untilrepparttar 149319 fire department arrives.

Respiratory Protection – Working in an area in whichrepparttar 149320 air is constantly filled with pollutants can be dangerous and may ultimately result in serious respiratory problems for individuals working in these areas. A simple way to protect yourself from poor air quality is to wear a respiratory mask when working in these areas. Wearing a face mask can greatly decrease your chances of suffering from respiratory problems inrepparttar 149321 future.

Other Safety Wear – Other forms of safety wear which are critical in industrial areas include work boots and gloves. These are important in areas which you will have hands-on contact with dangerous equipment or areas where you may possibly droprepparttar 149322 equipment onto your feet.

It is important to research and follow all safety rules when working in an industrial area. Everything can change in a split second and you want to ensure you are as prepared as possible for any situation which may arise.

Jim Staller is a freelance writer who worked for 15 years in the industrial industry. He spends most of his time working for – an industrial resource website that offers information on various industrial related topics such as inventory management software.

Better Red than Dead!

Written by Fadwa

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Yet red is alsorepparttar symbol of love and fidelity. Greek mythology tells us that red roses, dedicated torepparttar 149274 Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, were born from Adonis’ blood when he was killed by a wild boar on a hunt. Red garlands and red scarves were part of wedding ceremonies in many cultures. Roman brides were wrapped in a fiery red veil, calledrepparttar 149275 flammeum (Latin for flame-colored), supposedly warranting love and fertility. Greek, Albanian and Armenian brides wear red veils even today, andrepparttar 149276 Russian word for red (krassnyj) and beautiful (krassivyj) are curiously similar.

Red is alsorepparttar 149277 color of lust, arguablyrepparttar 149278 other face of love. Red is stimulating, appetizing and evokes erotic feelings. It is fire and passion;repparttar 149279 sign of “fallen” women andrepparttar 149280 satisfaction of sexual yearnings which can be found in red light districts.

Red; drawing amazing images in our head. Danger, love, fidelity, lust, courage, ecstasy, protection and much more I’m sure. Images which seem contradictory yet are all somehow connected.

A magical color, sometimes red spells danger and sometimes red announcesrepparttar 149281 mating season – perhaps not only inrepparttar 149282 animal kingdom (has anyone read The Naked Ape, by Desmond Morris?)

Fadwa Qasem designer jewerly

My specialty is chokers. My concept: painting with beads. With semiprecious stones, Venetian style, lamp, & faceted crystals/beads, I create limited edition pieces. After spending much time studying beads & bead history, I discovered that glass beads have an auspicious background just like diamonds, pearls, & semiprecious stones. Inspired by this & by many pleasures in life, I design individual chokers that each have a name, a character, a story.

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