Indirect Advertising

Written by Warren Contreras

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Now, think about what 'Frame of Mind' you would be in if you dropped by a potential friends page to sign their guestbook, looked over their 'Home Page' and decided to click a few links trying to gain more insight into their personality. You might even be considering an alliance or joint venture with them. Can you seerepparttar difference?

You are no longer perceived as a 'Salesman' but a 'Fellow Businessperson' instead. Chamber of Commerce 'Mixers' have been an example of this approach for years and been very successful. Now you can accomplish nearlyrepparttar 117113 same thing for your home business from your computer.

If this all sounds complicated and too hard to understand how it could possibly work, I would suggest getting a free account and give it a try. There is free 'Interactive' onrepparttar 117114 job training available through sub-networks that fit every imaginable interest, where you can ask questions and readrepparttar 117115 answers from your peers.

There are facilities to search out those you have a common connection with and they have already given you permission to subtilty contact them by virtue of being a member. Blatant advertising is prohibited so you will not be bombarded with junk ads. It's more like receiving an invitation that you can read privately and decide if you want to attend.

So now it is all up to you. Continue contributing torepparttar 117116 degradation of Internet bandwidth with huge numbers of attempts required (many not even reachingrepparttar 117117 target) to get a single response, or try something new.

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Are You Running Your Website Visitors Away?

Written by Irene Brooks

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-Address each potential objection in your copy and an FAQ area

-Dorepparttar “I and We” test (If you have I in your copy more than half ofrepparttar 117112 times you use "you and your"…you need to re-write your copy)

-Show testimonials and case studies of people that have achieved positive results

Mistake #3 – Confusing Navigational Instructions

The cyberworld is impatient and unforgiving. If a visitor lands on your site and gets confused, she is only a mouse click away from another site. Providing good navigation on your website is a must if you want to convert your visitors into customers. Here is a 3 step formula for developing a good navigational scheme for your site:

-Determine your “most wanted response” (MWR)

-Provide a pathway to your MWR

-Provide a closing page i.e. an irresistible offer

Mistake #4 – No use of compelling headlines and sub-headlines

It is said that 80% ofrepparttar 117113 success of a direct mail letter is attributed to its headline. It is no different with website copy. The Web has brought us universal access to photos and graphics but inrepparttar 117114 end, it’srepparttar 117115 copy that sells…period. The trick to getting your visitors to read your copy is to use dynamic, attention-getting headlines and sub-headlines.

The sole purpose of your headline should be to make sure your visitor wants to continue readingrepparttar 117116 text below it. Each and every page of your website should start with a headline.

Mistake #5 – Dull, Mind-Numbing Content

Many web developers just don’t know how to write web copy. Most small business sites provide copy that is boring and useless. The site is about whatrepparttar 117117 small business does and NOT what problem your services solve forrepparttar 117118 customer.

Here are some suggestions to liven up your web copy:

-Include stories of real people

-Use case studies

-Use surveys, studies, charts, graphs and evidence

-Use thumbnail photo galleries…make sure they are thumbnail and not

full size…a slow loading site is a no-no!

While this list doesn’t cover all ofrepparttar 117119 possible website mistakes, it does describe some ofrepparttar 117120 most expensive, destructive and most common made by many online business owners. Just by followingrepparttar 117121 suggestions above, you will find that your website visitors will land on your site and feel free to stay awhile and browse around. Thus, beginningrepparttar 117122 process of converting a visitor into a customer. ====================================================

Irene Brooks isrepparttar 117123 Founder of 3-D Success Partners, and editor ofrepparttar 117124 3-D Success Newsletter. To get your free lifetime subscription go to

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