Indiana Jones and the Volcano

Written by Keith Varnum

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Butrepparttar heat was notrepparttar 122370 only aspect ofrepparttar 122371 lava thatrepparttar 122372 elements had concealed from us. I picked up a small twig and approachedrepparttar 122373 foot ofrepparttar 122374 black mound that had gushed fromrepparttar 122375 top ofrepparttar 122376 mountain. Getting as close as I could torepparttar 122377 sulphurous heat, I stuckrepparttar 122378 branch intorepparttar 122379 rain-drenched ground about two inches in front ofrepparttar 122380 lava. Within a minute,repparttar 122381 lava hill reachedrepparttar 122382 stick and buried it!

Suddenly my whole body reeled withrepparttar 122383 involuntary shudder of recognition. Forrepparttar 122384 last hour Rob and I had been walking on a live, moving lava flow! And Rob was still up there running around onrepparttar 122385 molten granite.

Another eruption, three times louder thanrepparttar 122386 first one, filledrepparttar 122387 air. My ears throbbed fromrepparttar 122388 deafening boom. My feet and body registered avalanche after avalanche of crashing rock careening downrepparttar 122389 side ofrepparttar 122390 volcano. Descendingrepparttar 122391 rough trail, I ran head over heels in a panic, determined to outrun any rockslides coming my way. After a half-hour ofrepparttar 122392 fastest, long distance race I’ve ever run, I arrived at our jeep safely sheltered under a broad-armed tree. Collapsing intorepparttar 122393 front seat, I fought to catch my breath.

As my pulse and mind quieted, I was overcome with fear forrepparttar 122394 safety of my friend still walking around onrepparttar 122395 moving bed of liquid rock inrepparttar 122396 midst of periodic violent explosions. I began feeling intensely responsible. I’d left a young kid in my charge on top of an erupting volcano! A nightmarish vision bombarded me. I saw his parents, who had entrusted their son with me, watching local authorities dig throughrepparttar 122397 rubble ofrepparttar 122398 volcano searching forrepparttar 122399 body ofrepparttar 122400 lost American youth. Feeling so guilty and worried I could neither relax nor rest, I decided I must leaverepparttar 122401 jeep and hike back uprepparttar 122402 volcano. I had to find Rob.

No sooner had I openedrepparttar 122403 door ofrepparttar 122404 jeep than an insistent inner impulse told me to stay put and listen inside for further instructions. When I receive such forceful commands from my inner coach, I usually obey. Quieting myself as much as possible underrepparttar 122405 circumstances, I endeavored to get in touch with my next best intuitive move. I challenged myself, Was it wrong what I did? Was it selfish and self-absorbed to look after my own safety and leave a young kid behind?

After I felt allrepparttar 122406 intense emotions stirred up from asking these soul-searching questions, I received a very strong message directly from Spirit. My inner knowing spoke to me emphatically, saying:

“You didrepparttar 122407 right thing. You followed your intuition. If you recall specifically, your inner coach told you that it was dangerous for you to stay, and that you needed to leave immediately. It said nothing about your friend Rob. Nothing at all. You were right to follow your guidance and leave. In fact, had you stayed, you may very well have endangered your friend’s safety! Had you stayed, you would have been out of alignment with your intuition and, therefore, out of harmony and integrity with yourself. This discordant state has a strong tendency to interfere with another person’s ability to tap into and follow his or her own knowing. Had you stayed, you may have hindered Rob’s ability to hear and heed his inner direction. You tookrepparttar 122408 most helpful, loving and appropriate action by followingrepparttar 122409 letter and spirit of your intuition. You following you own internal urging allowed your friendrepparttar 122410 space to realize he must rely on his own internal wisdom.”

Spirit’s message was a fascinating new lesson in intuitive guidance for me. In general, and for its reassurance in my present predicament, I was grateful for this fresh perspective. I never before realizedrepparttar 122411 precision of intuition. I never before understoodrepparttar 122412 independence of one person’s guidance fromrepparttar 122413 inner counsel of another person in a shared situation.

Atrepparttar 122414 exact moment I realizedrepparttar 122415 import of what I was being told by my inner coach, Rob came streaking downrepparttar 122416 trail towardrepparttar 122417 jeep. Inrepparttar 122418 fury ofrepparttar 122419 last violent eruption, Rob received his own internal signal to vamoose. Guided by his own inner compass, he immediately tookrepparttar 122420 Mudslide Express throughrepparttar 122421 jungle to safety. I was extremely relieved—and appreciative to Spirit—that my nightmare vision of Rob’s demise was averted. I gave silent thanks forrepparttar 122422 eternal lessons I learned from our escapade.

Back on solid ground, Rob and I were anxious to leaverepparttar 122423 mountain rains and clouds. We hopped intorepparttar 122424 jeep and sped towardrepparttar 122425 sunny western coast of Costa Rica. Driving downrepparttar 122426 mountainside, we both lapsed in and out of thankful silence for being alive. Perhapsrepparttar 122427 next day,repparttar 122428 morning’s events would seem a great adventure, but, right then,repparttar 122429 very real danger we’d just survived remained very palpable and raw. Our minds, emotions and physical bodies were still remembering and replaying our narrow escape.

Suddenly, Rob and I experienced simultaneous intuitive hits to pull over and get out ofrepparttar 122430 jeep. Leaning againstrepparttar 122431 vehicle, we turned as one towardrepparttar 122432 top ofrepparttar 122433 mountain we’d just descended. As if waiting for us to stop our downward trek away fromrepparttar 122434 mountain and turn our gaze upward,repparttar 122435 clouds parted to revealrepparttar 122436 awesome Mt. Arenal volcano forrepparttar 122437 very first time since our arrival in Costa Rica so many days earlier. The dense mist lifted. We saw exactly where we had been hiking onrepparttar 122438 lava flow. We pinpointed whererepparttar 122439 tree line ended andrepparttar 122440 lava flow began. We’d been standing only a hundred yards fromrepparttar 122441 open mouth ofrepparttar 122442 volcano when it erupted!

The restaurant owner Miguel had promised we would be with, we would feel and we would knowrepparttar 122443 spirit ofrepparttar 122444 volcano. He saidrepparttar 122445 mountain would definitely erupt when we were there. And he’d promisedrepparttar 122446 volcano would not harm us. The rain and his crude map tricked us into going so close torepparttar 122447 volcano that we did, indeed, get to knowrepparttar 122448 volcano, not just view it.

Was itrepparttar 122449 spirit ofrepparttar 122450 volcano that sent Miguel to us? —and turnedrepparttar 122451 skies into a torrential downpour in order to obscurerepparttar 122452 treacherous nature of our journey so we wouldn’t be scared off? Rob and I agreed, stranger things have happened. One thing was certain. If we’d been able to see where we were going, we would never have walked as close as we did torepparttar 122453 mouth ofrepparttar 122454 cauldron.

Now, viewingrepparttar 122455 majesty of Mt. Arenal, we were humbled and ever so grateful forrepparttar 122456 experience of having been able to safely feelrepparttar 122457 mountain’s power and personality. As we were sending out our thankfulness to and admiration ofrepparttar 122458 volcano,repparttar 122459 mountain erupted again with an explosion twice as high asrepparttar 122460 volcano itself. Two miles of elegant ash plume shot up intorepparttar 122461 dark blue sky. The event was quite dramatic and very humbling.

We knewrepparttar 122462 volcano was responding to our love and appreciation for its gift to us that day. Thenrepparttar 122463 clouds closed back in and our mighty friend said good-bye, leaving us forever changed and enriched by its friendship.

Keith Varnum shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, vision quest guide and international seminar leader (The Dream Workshops). Keith helps people get the love, money and health they want with his FREE “Prosperity Ezine” at

Love Your Way to Success

Written by Hershey Wier, MBA

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So, be a saint. Realize that deep down, no one - includingrepparttar troublemakers - wants to work in a stress-filled environment. It`s just that some people, regardless of their rank inrepparttar 122369 organization, do not know how to manage, how to cooperate, nor how to create a positive and productive work- environment. That isrepparttar 122370 sad and simple reality. You can help them by trying something on a regular basis, called kything.

Kything is creating positive outcomes in your mind`s eye. Envisioning scenes, even if they are pure fiction, scenes of you andrepparttar 122371 people/situation you`d like to change. Keeprepparttar 122372 higher good of all in mind while visualizing your scene. You may be doing this for yourself, but keep in mindrepparttar 122373 needs of your colleagues, as well. I believe that what you conjure up in your mind`s eye will could very well come back to you -repparttar 122374 good - as well asrepparttar 122375 not-so-good thoughts.

Remember, you`re not necessarily kything/conjuring up a scene that sets up your promotion. You are setting up a scene in which circumstances at work are positive for all. You will be amazed atrepparttar 122376 improved countenance you develop while working through this process. And, you should, almost miraculously, see improvements inrepparttar 122377 countenance of others. The positive energy you radiate during your kything sessions, haverepparttar 122378 power to affect those you kythe on in a positive way. Kything is not a one-time venture. It is something to work into your ANEW Soultimes - your daily quiet times, in order to create peaceful, positive outcomes in your life.

Have you tried kything? Are you going to give it a try? Write in with your experiences:

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