Indian Brides and Grooms on the Internet

Written by Roopa Nair

Continued from page 1 is a newly emerged, traditional matrimonial site, which understandsrepparttar focus ofrepparttar 122028 new age matrimonial net surfers and offers them several attractive services. It represents all major Indian languages and is a beautiful platform for people of diverse background to meet and unite. Inrepparttar 122029 immediate future, plans to offer its members personalized astrological services. These services include individual predictions, horoscope generation, horoscope matching and much more. The site welcomes its userís views and suggestions onrepparttar 122030 type of services they would like to be provided with.

It is interesting to see howrepparttar 122031 Indian marriage scene has changed overrepparttar 122032 years. Though Indians have become tech savvy and jumped onrepparttar 122033 Internet bandwagon to findrepparttar 122034 Mr./Mrs. Right, but stillrepparttar 122035 Indian customs,repparttar 122036 traditions,repparttar 122037 core values remainrepparttar 122038 same. aims to unite millions of hearts and souls inrepparttar 122039 future.

The author is an computer professional and an Indian. The author is attempting to study the imapct or the influence of Internet and technology on the lives of the Indian community.

The Guide to Changing Your Name after Marriage

Written by Rachel Greenberg

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5. Passport You will need to mail in a certified copy of your marriage license along with an application torepparttar appropriate passport center. You can obtain copies of this application from your local post office. If you are not renewingrepparttar 122027 passport (name change only), there should be no charge. You will getrepparttar 122028 same passport back, with a stamp inrepparttar 122029 back with your new name. If you are also renewingrepparttar 122030 passport, then there will be a fee, but you will get a new passport with your new name on it.

6. Local government offices In addition to notifyingrepparttar 122031 state and federal governments (which you have done in steps #2 and #3), you should call your local town or county office to notify them of your name change. Since their systems do not always get data fromrepparttar 122032 regional and national systems, it is best to make sure you have everything covered.

7. Employer Be sure to tell your employer of your name change, since it is important that your benefits and taxes are reported properly. Some employers will changerepparttar 122033 name with no documentation, but others will need to seerepparttar 122034 certified copy ofrepparttar 122035 marriage license.

8. Business documents If you own your own business (like I do), then you need to make sure that all business documents and correspondence gets updated with your new name. This includes business bank accounts, credit cards, letterheads, email addresses, etc.

9. Bills and other statements With most utilities, like cable, electricity, phone, etc., you can either change your name online with no documentation required, or make a quick phone call torepparttar 122036 customer service department.

If you feel like this list is a bit overwhelming, then just make sure you get throughrepparttar 122037 first three steps. They requirerepparttar 122038 most time investment, so get them out ofrepparttar 122039 way first. After that, just pace yourself, and youíll getrepparttar 122040 rest done with ease.

Rachel Greenberg has a background in business and finance, and she received her MBA from Duke University in 1999. She writes fun and informative pieces for her website, which she created with her husband Lee. The website provides advice and recommendations for families on various products and services for their homes, lives, and businesses.

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