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5 Reasons Why You Should Post A Free Classified Ad

Written by Stupidman

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The explanatory material inrepparttar "gifting" program will put your mind at ease. It's not a chain letter because it's not a letter, it's email. It's not postal fraud because it does not go throughrepparttar 101021 U.S. Mail. It's not taxable or tax fraud because each gift is less than $10,000 and it's not a Ponzi scheme because Mr. Ponzi died a long time ago.

The generosity extended to you by your new friends should be reciprocated by you. Before you begin responding torepparttar 101022 many offers you should add a signature file to your email client. If you go to you can sign up and/or become an affiliate of a very professional, multi featured autoresponder with a three tier affiliate program. Your new friends will be very impressed and by adding your affiliate URL and something like "Get Rich With 3 Tier Affiliate Program" as part of your signature you will be sharing something of great value with them and if even just one of these masters of unsolicited bulk email takes your advice you could have an exciting residual income as a result ofrepparttar 101023 third tier.

Reason # 3: Eliminate Excess Leisure Time

It's a burden to have nothing to do. It's hard to get up inrepparttar 101024 morning,repparttar 101025 day passes slowly,repparttar 101026 mind becomes dull. But no more!!! Jump out of bed, checkrepparttar 101027 email, read dozens of letters.

Your satisfaction will only be enhanced if you remember to leave "Cookies On" and "Javascript Enabled". This will make it much easier for your new friends to find you and to introduce you to some of their other friends.

Your life will have purpose. No more moping aroundrepparttar 101028 house waiting forrepparttar 101029 phone to ring, because "You've got mail". If you don't have a second line,cable or DSL your callers can't reach you. All of a sudden you've become unattainable, which enhances your desirability in many ways. When they finally get through you becomerepparttar 101030 person who terminatesrepparttar 101031 call as you must attend torepparttar 101032 new friends you've met onrepparttar 101033 'net.

Your earth bound friends will realize you have become cool. They will fawn for your favor. They'll buy you lunch, invite you to parties. You will berepparttar 101034 center of attention.

What better circumstance could you have to enlighten these friends torepparttar 101035 wonderful opportunities you are experiencing. They will beg you to include them in your cyberworld. This will be your opportunity to rise aboverepparttar 101036 accumulated resentment you harbor for all ofrepparttar 101037 slights, slurs and snickering you've endured overrepparttar 101038 years. Be kind, show themrepparttar 101039 way.

Reason # 4: It's a Great Way to Lose Weight

Your are so busy, you have no time to eat. So many emails to answer. So many proposals to analyze andrepparttar 101040 best deals expire at midnight tonight.

Now it's time to automate. Posting classified ads manually takes time, time that could be spent enrolling in new programs. Hire a submission service to submit more ads (that won't be read) to more people (who won't read them) in order to receive more non spam that you can respond to with your 3 tier affiliate autoresponder ( ).

You are GUARANTEED to lose weight especially if you are inrepparttar 101041 habit of weighing yourself with your wallet in your back pocket.

Did I say 5 reasons? Well, I'm only going to tell you about 4. I still have many secrets to share besidesrepparttar 101042 5TH Reason. If you sign up for my someday newsletter at you will berepparttar 101043 first to hear them.

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