Increasing opportunities for Skilled Migrants

Written by Dean Marshall

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Australia Skilled Workers wishing to migrate to Australia face two main options -repparttar full Skilled Worker Visa andrepparttar 149797 Skilled Independent Regional Visa. As its name suggests,repparttar 149798 Regional Visa allows you to work in a specific region of Australia and is designed to encourage development of these areas specifically. The full Skilled Worker Visa allows you to work anywhere in Australia but requires you to gain a higher level of points. Again, these visas are more complex thanrepparttar 149799 UK version.

New Zealand New Zealand is working hard to encourage skilled migrants to move there and have loweredrepparttar 149800 pass mark from 195 points in 2004 to its current level of 100 points. As with Canada, having a close relative in New Zealand will gain you extra points and previous work experience gained in New Zealand can also gain you extra points.

For individuals with good education and/or experience, there is a strong initiative in these countries to try and encourage you to bring your skills and experience to their economies, representing increasing options available for individuals to experience different cultures and career opportunities.

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Dean Marshall is a Director and co-founder of - Immigration and Work Permit Consultants for the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Travel Tips: Tips For Safer Flying

Written by Seth B.

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Incase of unexpected turbulence, extra protection is provided by keeping your seat belt fastened.

• Listen torepparttar Flight Attendants

Even though you have flown many times, flight attendants are aware of things that you may not be aware of. If an attendant ask you to do something don’t argue just comply. Laws are changing because ofrepparttar 149725 911 and not complying might end you arrested.

• Don't bring any unauthorized material

Unauthorized materials that are not allowed are a list that seems to grow daily. Common sense should tell you that you shouldn't bring hazardous materials onrepparttar 149726 aircraft unless they were allowed byrepparttar 149727 airline and shipped in a proper container. Other items such as sharp objects like knives and other seemingly benign objects have been targeted. Use common sense.

• Don't Drink Too Much

The atmosphere inrepparttar 149728 cabin is pressurized to aboutrepparttar 149729 same as Denver altitude. The alcohol you consume will have a more strongly effect than at lower level. Air Rage

• Keep Your Wits About You

An emergency situation is very unlikely, but incases of an emergency evacuation, followrepparttar 149730 flight attendants directions. The reasonrepparttar 149731 attendants are there is not just to serve peanuts and beverages. They are required by law with your safety in mind.

Seth B

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