Increasing opportunities for Skilled Migrants

Written by Dean Marshall

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Australia Skilled Workers wishing to migrate to Australia face two main options -repparttar full Skilled Worker Visa andrepparttar 149789 Skilled Independent Regional Visa. As its name suggests,repparttar 149790 Regional Visa allows you to work in a specific region of Australia and is designed to encourage development of these areas specifically. The full Skilled Worker Visa allows you to work anywhere in Australia but requires you to gain a higher level of points. Again, these visas are more complex thanrepparttar 149791 UK version.

New Zealand New Zealand is working hard to encourage skilled migrants to move there and have loweredrepparttar 149792 pass mark from 195 points in 2004 to its current level of 100 points. As with Canada, having a close relative in New Zealand will gain you extra points and previous work experience gained in New Zealand can also gain you extra points.

For individuals with good education and/or experience, there is a strong initiative in these countries to try and encourage you to bring your skills and experience to their economies, representing increasing options available for individuals to experience different cultures and career opportunities.

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Critical Business Procedure - Keep All Email Communications

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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Inrepparttar summer of 2004, UBS bank was found by a judge to have “willfully destroyed” email evidence in a discrimination case. UBS was ordered to pay costs and a jury returned a $29 million verdict.

Email Policy

To protect your business, you must have a procedure in place to maintain email communications generated throughrepparttar 149657 business. Failure to keep these records can lead to rulings in litigation that your business willfully destroyed evidence. If this occurs,repparttar 149658 judge may issue significant monetary sanctions, automatically find you liable or take other harsh steps that assure a victory forrepparttar 149659 Plaintiff. As if such developments are not bad enough, there exists a second risk associated with email communications.

Maintaining email communications, however, can have a downside. The problem arises, of course, when a communication contains statements that are damaging to your business. Yes,repparttar 149660 proverbial catch-22 situation.

To avoid such disasters, your business must develop a clear policy on email communications and train all employees to comply with that policy. Employees must understandrepparttar 149661 business environment is not one in which jokes, flippant remarks and so on should be made in email communications.

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