Increasing Your Metabolism To Lose Weight

Written by Cathi Graham

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Here is a quick 5 day program that you can start today to rev up your metabolism: Day 1: Squeeze ˝ Lemon Into A Glass Of Water ~ Drink this upon rising or before a meal as this cleansesrepparttar body, aids in weight loss and keeps insulin balanced.

Day 2: Consume spices that burn calories~ Dr. Jay Henry Joya atrepparttar 131234 Oxford Institute proved that some ofrepparttar 131235 most famous fat-burners that increase your metabolism are cayenne pepper and mustard. For example, less than one tsp. of spicy mustard can increase your metabolism by 25% for up to 3 hours!

Day 3: Identify what “triggers” your emotional eating. Be conscious that watching TV at night can send you snacking, so have something to do with your hands instead, like putting together puzzles or knitting.

Day 4: Get Moderate Doses of Sunlight....Surprise! ~ Sunlight in moderation is good for increasing your metabolism, reports Zane Kim, M.D. “There is conclusive evidence that exposure to sunlight produces a metabolic effect inrepparttar 131236 body very similar to that produced by physical training and is definitely followed by measured improvement in physical fitness.

Day 5: Start some sort of moderate exercise program, even 15 – 20 minutes of walking is a great stress reducer for a psychological and physical win. Do something active you like - walking, biking, swimming, etc. You will soon get hooked!

Cathi Graham, founder of the Fresh Start Metabolism Program, holds one of the highest recorded weight losses in Canada. In 1982, she weighed 326 lbs. and by researching metabolism, she released 186 lbs. in just 18 months! She took all of her knowledge and produced the Fresh Start Metabolism Program, which continues to help thousands of people. To order your own Fresh Start Program, please visit or call 1-800-663-7374.

How Phentermine Works

Written by Maryanne

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and some exercises. It controls and suppressesrepparttar appetite while you are burningrepparttar 131232 extra calories in order to loose weight.

More information on how Phentermine works can be read at

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