Increasing Reading Speed

Written by Sanjib Ahmad

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* Before, I was reading a particular book at a pace of 2 pages per minute. After finishingrepparttar course, I was reading it at 5 pages per minute. - Michael Lee

* I've just started my MBA course and wanted to increase my reading speed. Your 16-minute programme did exactly what was promised. - Kimmo Järvinen

* I am a freshman at Michigan State University and I just purchased your program and my speed went from 200 words per minute to nearly 460 per minute. - Rob Viola

If you are a student then you can get better grades if you read faster. As a matter of fact, regardless of your profession,repparttar 149320 ability to read faster will increase your productivity.

I know I would like to become more productive so that I can have more time for work duringrepparttar 149321 week and more time to play duringrepparttar 149322 weekends.

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How to be Congruent and Experience Balance Every Day.

Written by Adam Eason

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The speediest and most natural way to do this is to do and engage in things that you love to do and/or really enjoy doing. These things help to balance you.

When you do what you love, enjoying your life and then letting go of allrepparttar other stuff, you get to spend more and more time experiencing a sense of joy, fulfillment and happiness. As well as being great fun, this is also highly attractive – people really like to be around someone who is doing what they love! That includes you being around yourself. You will love yourself a lot more when you are enjoying what you are doing when looking to achieve your goals for personal development.

One ofrepparttar 149276 things I love doing is runningrepparttar 149277 various training courses that I do run regularly. Things like my self-hypnosis courses for example are one ofrepparttar 149278 most powerful approaches that I have encountered for helping people to live congruently, with balance and creatingrepparttar 149279 lives that bring them joy and happiness. When I’m running training courses or seminars; to experience other people making powerfully progressive changes to heighten their own experience of themselves for themselves, ensures that I experience that sense of deep congruence and balance that comes from being fully myself. This sense of being truly yourself isrepparttar 149280 most powerful ‘life-compass’ there is in my opinion.

The ‘attractive’ power of congruence and balance works just as well for your own goals. We can all think of examples of goals that we want to achieve where ‘The Values’ may include words like ‘people’, ‘integrity’ 'Health' 'Happiness', but whererepparttar 149281 actions and behaviours we are taking don’t support those values ofrepparttar 149282 goals. Onrepparttar 149283 other hand, you may have encountered people that their behaviours match their values. This person is congruent, (and has balance) and that congruence (and balance) sends an unconscious message to people and to yourself, your own mind, that says “You can trust this person to do what they say they will”. So continue to check with yourself;

- Are your own personal values clear to you?

- Do my actions and attitudes fit with these values?

Have a think about creating some congruence and balance in your life.

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