Increase your affiliate earnings with a smart webmaster plan.

Written by Ed Charkow

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Step six: Your all set, you have your template now, either made yourself or you have hired a designer. It's time to start filling pages with content. What I do first is make an index page. Every other page I create will be linked torepparttar index page. It's going to be your websites "featured" product pages. This page and all your other pages need some content in regard to your products. You will want unique page titles that use your keywords, and you need to make your meta-tags as well. There is a great meta-tag generator at that is free to use.

Step seven: Write your content and reviews. If you need help there are plenty of copywriters out there that can help you. A review should be keyword rich and should actually recommendrepparttar 105518 product. You should add many pages of content. Even if you need to use other people's articles,repparttar 105519 more you haverepparttar 105520 better. A great site might have 200 pages of relevant content.

Step eight: It's time to letrepparttar 105521 world know about your site. While we are doing that we will make surerepparttar 105522 search engines find it as well. I like to use a website called groupmarketingsolutions for my first exposure. They get spidered frequently and I get to pick my keywords forrepparttar 105523 page. You can find them at There are also plenty of forums that allow you to have a signature in your posts. They are a great way to send traffic and an extra incoming link fromrepparttar 105524 search engines.

Step nine: Trade some links or purchase links outright. Links all overrepparttar 105525 web in targeted websites will net you immediate traffic and increased search engine rankings. There are also many free directories where you can list your website with a description.

The end result here is a website that will increase in traffic daily, get listed inrepparttar 105526 search engines and eventually be worth much more than you are making inrepparttar 105527 affiliate income. Wouldn't it be great to sell your site for what you make off it in a year?

There is another step here as well though, and we are going to call it "rinse, wash, and repeat." Once you have done this for one or two affiliate programs, you should keep going. There is no rule that says you only have to have one site. A good tactic is dozens of sites (Or even subdomains) that promote a variety of affiliate programs and that grow weekly. The more often you add contentrepparttar 105528 more visitors and sales you will have.

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How to Recognize Great Ads (that Are Generating Leads!)

Written by Daryl Logullo | Strategic Impact!

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1.Analyze your ads. What do they say? How do they say it? What is your headline? Does your ad present a U.S.P? Do you state your offer? 2.Know your basic offer, headline and copy that workrepparttar best. Now try to IMPROVE them. 3.Leverage your marketing. Take your best ad and start testing differing versions against one another. Keeprepparttar 105517 variablesrepparttar 105518 same, but changerepparttar 105519 headline. 4.Review 6 features to see if your ad has: ·A strong headline/opening thrusts ·A story or pitch ·A proposition ·The exact offer ·A guarantee (to shiftrepparttar 105520 prospects risk) ·A call to action

Great advertising means being able to find different ways of sayingrepparttar 105521 same thing. Start by experimenting with new restatements of your most winning headline.

Daryl T. Logullo is the Founder of Strategic Impact! a marketing referral consultancy located in Vero Beach, Fla. He concentrates heavily on alliance and referral building strategies for today’s professional. Get a Free Report, “The Most Powerful Referral ‘Secret’ Ever Discovered,” instantly delivered at

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