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Written by Alvin Poh

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Utiliserepparttar KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle when you are preparing your copy. Also, write your copy as if you are speaking with a friend. Nothing killsrepparttar 134976 sale faster than a dry and run-of-the-mill sales pitch.

Use "you" and "your" words liberally and "I", "me" and "us" words infrequently. Everyone likes to hear, or read about themselves. They like to feel like they arerepparttar 134977 centre of attention.

Using "you" and "your" will help them feel thatrepparttar 134978 product may address their needs. Always remember,repparttar 134979 focus ofrepparttar 134980 copy should berepparttar 134981 prospective customer, and notrepparttar 134982 person sellingrepparttar 134983 product.

9. Write a list of five to ten benefits of your service.

Forget about lengthy descriptions of you and your mission. Nobody reads them, so shift your focus torepparttar 134984 more important aspects of your website.

Concentrate more onrepparttar 134985 benefits you can give your visitors. They came to learn about how they can benefit from your service, so make sure they will be convinced enough to say, "This is amazing. I want this!"

Tellrepparttar 134986 reader howrepparttar 134987 product or service will benefit them. Throwrepparttar 134988 technical details aside. They don't belong in your sales copy, they belong in an appendix on a linked page for those who are interested.

Sales are made by appealing torepparttar 134989 reader's basic needs of comfort, security and acceptance. Your copy should explain how your product can address one or more of these needs.

So try using benefit-focused statements such as "Reduce your monthly bills by $200 with our product" or "Be able to function inrepparttar 134990 dark" to market your product or service, and you should start to see an immediate increase in interest!

10. Get rid ofrepparttar 134991 hype.

Your visitors are intelligent people and they are not going to believe in hype. Onrepparttar 134992 contrary, hyped up copy will just turn them away. Don't make ridiculous claims and while your offer may be really too good to true, don't state it that way.

11. Publish customer testimonials.

If you don't have any, you should solicit some immediately. Your current customers will be more than happy to support you if you provide good service and a solid product. Ask them for their opinions and comments regarding your product. Get permission to use their words and publish them on your web site. Testimonials are a very powerful selling tool that you can not afford to ignore.

12. Offer a solid, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Go on, offer such a money back guarantee, and stick by it. Why? Because what better way to get someone to buy your product than knowing that they can do so risk-free?

Besides, you will be surprised at how few people will be unsatisfied enough to make use of your guarantee. Sure, some customers may take advantage of it, but I thinkrepparttar 134993 increase in your sales should be more than enough to offsetrepparttar 134994 few unscrupulous characters you may meet.

12. Ask forrepparttar 134995 sale!

You've gotrepparttar 134996 killer benefits stated down, and you've got a solid money back guarantee. Now don't stop there. Many web sites neglect to askrepparttar 134997 customer to buy. So lead your customer throughrepparttar 134998 purchase process. Be sure to thank customers for their purchase and inform them how and when they will be receivingrepparttar 134999 product that they have just purchased.

Alvin Poh has been specialising in web development, content distribution, advertising and marketing strategies since 1995. More of his articles can be found at

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