Increase Your Selling Power by Increasing Your WORD Power

Written by Alexandria K. Brown

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Sign up at (Byrepparttar way, bookmark this site, or do what I did and make it your browser's home page. It's wonderfully handy to look up a word by typing it in your keyboard instead of lugging that eight-pound Webster off your bookshelf.)

3. Listen and learn.

If you want to go on a vocabulary crusade whole-hog, orderrepparttar 127358 Verbal Advantage audiotape program, that aims to help you "amass a Harvard Graduate's Vocabulary in just 15 minutes a day." I enjoy listening to these tapes on long drives and find that I truly retain what I hear. The great thing about learning by *listening* is that you really learn how to *pronounce*repparttar 127359 word. There's also a quick quiz after every 10 words learned.

The narrator also gives examples of usage and touches on common usage errors to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes in conversation. One example: Many people sayrepparttar 127360 word "unequivocable," butrepparttar 127361 word is "unequivocal." (One less syllable!)

The company offers a two-tape "trial offer" for less than $30 that gives you many useful words to get started. Check it out at I think you'll like it! (Can someone please order it for "Dubya"?)

Now, all you have to do is remember to use what you know! Although you shouldn't try *too* hard to pepper your conversations with words that will stump your colleagues (think of Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football), you'll enjoy being able to pull justrepparttar 127362 right word out of your proverbial hat when you need it.

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Written by Bob Leduc

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Some of your prospective customer didn't buy from you because they put a higher priority on spending their money for something else. You can get many of these sales by persuading them to make YOUR product or service their priority.

For example, develop some special offers your prospects can't resist. Create offers so enticing your prospects feel compelled to make your product or service their priority purchase.

TIP: Include a deadline for every offer. It forces procrastinating prospects to make a decision. Many will decide to buy immediately so they don't forfeit your "good deal".


Your prospects bought things inrepparttar past that didn't producerepparttar 127357 promised results. That makes them skeptical of your promises. Some ofrepparttar 127358 ways you can overcome their skepticism include:

** Eliminate any risk of loss. Guarantee your customer's satisfaction. Offer to refund your customer's money if they don't getrepparttar 127359 results they expect.

** Prove your history of delivering what you promise. Provide testimonials from satisfied customers as evidence you've lived up to your promises inrepparttar 127360 past.

** Make yourself available -- personally or by phone. This is especially effective for Internet Marketers. Prospective customers feel more secure when they can talk with a real person.

Neutralize all 3 of these unspoken objections before you ask your prospects to buy. Do it in your web pages, your sales letters, your personal presentations -- every message designed to generate sales. You'll see an immediate increase in your sales volume.

Bob Leduc is a Sales Consultant with 30 years experience in generating low-cost leads. He recently wrote a manual for small business owners, "How to Build Your Small Business Fast With Simple Postcards", and several other publications to help small businesses grow and prosper. For more info: Phone: 702-658-1707 After 10 AM Pacific Time/Las Vegas, NV

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