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Written by Dan Meiyers

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Next we come to what is called meta tags. I know this sounds like something out of science fiction, but it is really just simple code. Many people believe that meta tags arerepparttar key to high search engine rankings, but in reality, they only have a limited effect. Still, it's worth adding them inrepparttar 137595 event that a search engine will use meta tags in their ranking formula.

To find out if your page is set up with meta tags, you must accessrepparttar 137596 code. To do this, clickrepparttar 137597 "view" button onrepparttar 137598 browser menu bar, and select "source." This will pull up a window revealingrepparttar 137599 underlying code that createdrepparttar 137600 page. If there are meta tags, they usually appear nearrepparttar 137601 top ofrepparttar 137602 window. For example, a meta tag would read: meta name="keywords" content=. If you do not find code that reads like this, ask your webmaster to put them in. This may not do much for your search engine rankings, but any little boost helps.

Lastly, we come torepparttar 137603 issue of link popularity. This is a factor that is extremely important in terms of search engine rankings. Almost all search engines use link popularity to rank your website. Link popularity is based onrepparttar 137604 quality ofrepparttar 137605 sites you have linked to from your links page.

If you type in "free link popularity check" in a popular search engine,repparttar 137606 search engine will then show you what sites are linked to your site. Inrepparttar 137607 case that there aren't many sites linked up to yours, or thatrepparttar 137608 sites that are linked up have low search engine rankings, consider launching a link popularity campaign. Essentially, this entails contacting quality sites and requesting that they exchange links with your site. Of course, this requires checking outrepparttar 137609 rankings ofrepparttar 137610 websites you want to link up with. Linking to popular, quality sites not only boosts your search engine ranking, but it also directs more quality traffic to your website.

Search engine rankings are extremely important for a successful Internet marketing campaign. Before you go out and hire a search engine optimization company, try taking some ofrepparttar 137611 simple steps listed above, and see if you can't boost your rankings yourself. Don't ever ignore this all-important factor in Internet marketing. Remember,repparttar 137612 higher your search engine ranking,repparttar 137613 more quality customers will be directed your way.

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10 Ways To Indirectly Get To The Top Of Search Engines

Written by Anton Cheranev

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6. Propose a cross promotion deal withrepparttar web site. You both could promote each others products or services together in one package deal. This means a mention and link back to your web site.

7. Giverepparttar 137209 web site a testimonial for their product or service. Include a little text link for your web site with repparttar 137210 testimonial. You never know; it could end up on their ad copy.

8. Post your advertisement on their free classified ad section on their web site. You want to be sure you have an attractive headline so they will read your ad.

9. Post your text link on their free-for-all links page. You want to go back and post your link regularly so it stays towardsrepparttar 137211 top.

10. Sign their guest books. You could leave a short compliment about their web site on their guest book. Just include your signature file and link atrepparttar 137212 end of your message.

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