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Written by Jamie Ratliff

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4.) Get listed in other engines. Submit to Yahoo, DMOZ, and others. Again, be patient as it might take some time before your site gets listed.

We all know that a higher ranking means more revenue, but we should also beware of abusing our websites torepparttar point of being removed from Google. I would much rather have a lower pagerank and work hard to get an honest higher pagerank than to cheat and risk losing a google listed website.

I have a website that I personally use for submission to some ofrepparttar 131677 major search engines. Feel free to submit your website for free at:

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Content-rich website setup

Written by Stefanos Cunning

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So using this as a guideline lets look at our own site example. We know certain that we want a page that lists all PlayStation games. We also want a page that would be for new releases, and we want an individual page for each game that describesrepparttar game and maybe has an snapshot image or something.

Our website will already have a root folder that is where your default homepage would be placed. Now you could create a folder called games inrepparttar 131675 root folder and then you could create a new folder inrepparttar 131676 games folder for every new game you add to your list. So let’s say you want to add Grand Theft Auto to your site.

Or you could avoid creating a new folder every time and just create a new web page, so for example:

We would recommendrepparttar 131677 second option for your game description page. You would also have to create another file forrepparttar 131678 cheats. Again followingrepparttar 131679 method above you could dorepparttar 131680 following:

Notice that I modifiedrepparttar 131681 name ofrepparttar 131682 html file by adding “-cheats” torepparttar 131683 end of “grand-theft-auto”, that is for two reasons. One, when editing files you will never be confused about which page you are working on. Secondly,repparttar 131684 actually file name will help search engines indexrepparttar 131685 page better, hence giving you a higher page rankings.


A Web site has to be accessible, before it is even usable. Accessibility refers torepparttar 131686 ease with which either disabled users, or users with non-standard browsing situations — or even users with typical visual abilities andrepparttar 131687 usual browsers — can accessrepparttar 131688 information and other features of a site. In a sense then, accessibility is an extension of 'usability', in that a site needs to be accessible by more than justrepparttar 131689 CEO at his or her PC on your intranet.

Usability refers torepparttar 131690 ease with which anyone (disabled or not, or with unusual viewing situations or not) can navigate a site and achieverepparttar 131691 objectives which you have set for it, such as learning how to win their PlayStation 2 games. Your Web site may be wonderful, but if users find it to be unusable or perceive it to be so then it's unlikely they'll get far enough to discover just what's so wonderful about it.

A page of beautifully coloured Netscape layer pull-down menus won't be much use torepparttar 131692 visually impaired non-English speaking users who favour Lynx, for example. If your target audience profile excludes such people, fine, but very often Web sites exclude valid users by default rather than design.


One ofrepparttar 131693 major problems in a site with a lot of content is how to present it without overwhelmingrepparttar 131694 user. If you bury it down inrepparttar 131695 navigation structure, many people may never realise it's there. One way to solverepparttar 131696 navigation problem would be to put links to all available pages, onrepparttar 131697 home page. Your visitor could reach every page with a single click. However, this is impractical for sites with hundreds or thousands of pages; there are further requirements such as keepingrepparttar 131698 home page fast- loading and not too complicated.

In our example, as you build up your site with all ofrepparttar 131699 available PlayStation 2 games, you will need to carefully decide how to organiserepparttar 131700 home page. Perhaps only having a new releases list and maybe a What’s Hot list and then a search box, which would allow users to immediately search through all ofrepparttar 131701 content ofrepparttar 131702 web site and find information onrepparttar 131703 game they are looking for.

Putting it all onrepparttar 131704 home page may make it too cluttered. The most important navigational device for any Web site isrepparttar 131705 home page. This page alone is most likely to berepparttar 131706 one that determines whether your visitors view one page, or many, at your site. If it doesn't offer any clue that this site has valuable information, and how to locate it, then people are unlikely to expend much effort to track it down. If onrepparttar 131707 other hand,repparttar 131708 home page gives clear indications about what's available atrepparttar 131709 site, and how to get to it, then your user's interest is likely to last longer.

The conventional approach is to provide a few links torepparttar 131710 next level down, fromrepparttar 131711 home page, supplemented with a small selection of representative links fromrepparttar 131712 next level down. An important question to answer is "How many clicks will it take my visitors to find anything?". People's patience begins to fade very soon after a few clicks; but you probably don't want a very large number of links on every page.

Domain hosting

Nowrepparttar 131713 final step for getting your first web site live is hosting. This may be one ofrepparttar 131714 more confusing steps as you will know doubt find thousands of companies offering hosting packages and choosing one of those packages might be difficult. But there are a few things to bear in mind:

· Size of your web site – At first your site will be small, but will grow with time.

· Cost of hosting – As your web site will grow, so willrepparttar 131715 cost.

· Easy upload methods – Since this is your first time you will want to make sure thatrepparttar 131716 hosting company provides a very simple method of uploading your files to your domain, ie FTP client, Web service, etc.

We recommend that you consider some ofrepparttar 131717 following companies to host your domain:




For more information please see

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