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Written by Eln Albert

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Some ofrepparttar benefits of learning this universal language are gaining commitment and cooperation, building more effective sales teams, resolving and preventing conflicts, gaining endorsement, increasing sales, better time management and having better family interaction. W.W. Tornow & M. London says, “Self assessment can motivate change. Fear of self-knowledge can prevent it. However, feedback results that are verifiable, predictable, and controllable are difficult to deny. It is important thatrepparttar 136018 recipient be ready for feedback—that is, be able and willing to accept it and to do something with it that will result in change.”

Now that you understand what we’re talking about, let’s look atrepparttar 136019 four styles we have been referring to: DISC, D = Dominate, I = Influencer, S = Steadiness, C = Compliance. In simpler terms, it addresses how we handle problem solving, how we influence people,repparttar 136020 pace in which we do things and our willingness or possibly unwillingness to follow rules and procedures. A person whose strongest style is a “D” is ambitious, forceful, decisive, direct, independent and challenging. A strong “I” style is expressive, enthusiastic, friendly, demonstrative, talkative and stimulating. A strong “S” tends to be methodical, systematic, reliable, steady, relaxed and modest. The strong “C” is analytical, contemplative, conservative, exacting, careful and deliberative. We all exhibit some of each of these four styles. Most of us have one or two of these styles that are more prominent thenrepparttar 136021 others.

When a person is identified as a Dominate, one who likes to solve problems, you can directrepparttar 136022 sale in a way to helprepparttar 136023 customer solve their problem of making a decision or a purchase. Ask questions to provide insights and answers as to what they want to accomplish with this purchase. The high D is a greater risk taker. Show them something new and different. When communicating with them be clear, concise and direct.

When someone is an Influencer, a people person, you’ll want to allow time to build rapport with him or her. Don’t be afraid to chitchat. Talk about things other then business to breakrepparttar 136024 ice. Too much detail and technical information will overwhelm this person. Give details when they ask for it. Show them unique, unusual and designer options. Be creative. Help them to visualize and image how their friends will react when they see it.

A Steadiness person is not one to make quick-on-the-spot decisions. That is unless they have done considerable research and shopping already and know exactly what they want. They hate to be pressured and will not be pressured. They love stability and harmony. They tend to be very loyal. They appreciate strong relationships and relatively low risk situations. Assure them of your guarantees and that it’s risk free. Inform them of your return policies. When you have provided them withrepparttar 136025 knowledge they want; they will want to go home and think it over. They will come back. Know that 40% ofrepparttar 136026 population falls into this category.

The Compliance person is one who likes rules and regulations and likes lots of information. They like details and more technical types of presentations. Show them supportive materials that provide back up and validation to what you’re saying. Pull outrepparttar 136027 professional industry association brochures to show them supporting statistics. Give them a brochure or a business card with your name and phone number for them to refer to later.

These are just a few ofrepparttar 136028 ideas that can be used when you understandrepparttar 136029 four basic behavior styles. It is worth an investment of time and resources to learn this easy universal language. When you use it, it will increase your bottom line! A simple questionnaire, and subsequent report will providerepparttar 136030 necessary insights to your behavior styles. With a little training and practice you can learn to observe these styles in others with 85% or more accuracy! The beauty is that it is simple, easy and observable. And best of all, it is fun, will increase your personal effectiveness and your “sales.” “Seeing is believing” is true here.

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An expert in Interpersonal Communications, Eln Albert works with those that want to be at their best when influencing others. Eln is a Professional Speaker and Writer.

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Website not selling? Twelve questions you should ask yourself

Written by David Bell

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8)Do you take a credit cards?

I shouldn't really have to ask this now should I? It's a plain fact that you are going to lose a huge amount of customers if you don't accept them.

9)Are you absolutely sure there's a market for it?

Does anyone else sell anything similar -if so, there should be a market for it. If it's a highly unique product, did you do a survey or market research to see if anyone wanted to buy it? If not, canvass opinion from forums and newsgroups.

10)Is your website easy onrepparttar eye?

Strong colors can make text difficult to read -it doesn't matter how good your offer is, if someone gets a headache looking atrepparttar 135630 screen there going to give up.

11)Do you offer a guarantee?

Most people are wary of getting "scammed" online, so remove those doubts - offer a guarantee. Make it as unconditional as you can.

12)Can you compete with your competitors?

Do you have any big competitors who are just corneringrepparttar 135631 market and "blowing you away"? Are customers just visiting your site to "comparison shop" and returning to your competitor to buy. If this is a possibility, try to devise a unique selling point (USP) which differentiates your product from others - perhaps you can compete on quality, benefits, or price. Emphasiserepparttar 135632 differences and advantages of your product. Research your market and familiarize yourself with what else is on offer. Then carve out a niche for your product.

Once you can honestly answer "yes" to allrepparttar 135633 above questions, it's just a matter of constant fine-tuning until you get a decent level of sales. You're never going to sell to everyone who visits your site, but you can do lots to increaserepparttar 135634 odds in your favor. I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

David Bell is Manager, Online Marketing, at , a leading Search Engine Optimization services firm and Advertising Agency.

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