Increase Your Follow On Sales

Written by Tony L. Callahan

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Inrepparttar unique content of this "private" area you haverepparttar 127407 opportunity to do some follow on selling. 4. Consider gathering more information on your customers, such as mailing address, date of birth and telephone number. You will need to decide if providing this information is mandatory or optional. There isrepparttar 127408 potential that some customer will not want to provide such information. Making it required information may cost you some sales. Guardrepparttar 127409 information you collect carefully and use it only forrepparttar 127410 purposes defined in you privacy statement. Send a thank you letter for purchases, send your customers a birthday card and follow up with them via telephone to be sure that they are satisfied withrepparttar 127411 product. These are all opportunities for follow on selling. 5. On your order form, ask customers if they want to be notified of new products, updates and upgrades. Maintain a separate mailing list for those customers who indicate their willingness to receive this information. You could also offerrepparttar 127412 option of allowingrepparttar 127413 customer to be notified via postal mail. As mentioned before,repparttar 127414 follow on sale is not easy to master. It is a delicate balance between salesmanship and becoming a nuisance. As with most powerful tools, these techniques holdrepparttar 127415 promise of great success or spectacular failure. Takerepparttar 127416 time to test and refine your methods before attempting widespread application with real customers. With practice and careful application, these techniques will contribute greatly to your profits. And as always, that isrepparttar 127417 real bottom line.

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Is Your Offer a Bargain? Present the Facts!

Written by /"Wild Bill/" Montgomery

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4) Use Testimonials: Show you prospect how your product has helped others. Let them see what you product has done for other people in their own words. Get signed statements from your satisfied customers. Use a "diverse" list of testimonials from as many different sources as possible. Use full names and addresses whenever possible.

5) Give a good reason for your price: Whether your price is higher or lower you have to explain why. Make it interesting and convincing. If what you're offering is of better quality or offers more benefits, tell them. What you say can explain why your price is higher than your competitors. If your price is extraordinarily lower because you have an over abundance of inventory, be honest about it. People will buy your product atrepparttar price you set, ifrepparttar 127406 reason you give is presented properly.

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