Increase Your Business Growth and Cash Flow Through Equipment Leasing

Written by Mark Uptain

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Credit History of Guarantor(s) - Lessors will make decisions based on a lessee's credit history after reviewing their consumer and/or business credit report. The leasing company looks for numerous late or delinquent credit commitments, lawsuits or judgments, bankruptcy, unverified residence, short credit history, and debt larger than what is stated onrepparttar application. Keep in mind, however, that some ofrepparttar 146084 above problems can still be overcome duringrepparttar 146085 approval process.

Bank Relationship - Your business should have a checking account that has been established for at least two years and has had an adequate average daily balance for that period of time. If there have been any NSF's, they must not be recent.

Trade Relationships - It's a strong indicator that your business has good cash flow if discounts are offered (e.g., 2% 10 days: net 30 days). The leasing company looks for trade accounts that are paid on time and withinrepparttar 146086 terms of agreement.

Financial Statements - Generally, ifrepparttar 146087 lease amount is more than $50,000 to $75,000, a full financial package is mandatory. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to,repparttar 146088 last two year end financial statements, with a complete balance sheet and profit and loss statement. An interim statement forrepparttar 146089 current and last year's comparative period is often required as well ifrepparttar 146090 year-end financials are over six months old.

Other considerations include:repparttar 146091 type and cost comparisons ofrepparttar 146092 equipment (collateral),repparttar 146093 extent ofrepparttar 146094 lessee's trade credit and bank borrowing lines, and leasing history ofrepparttar 146095 business.

Though it isn't crucial to have every one ofrepparttar 146096 afore mentioned points strong, an above average ranking inrepparttar 146097 majority of them greatly increasesrepparttar 146098 probability of funding. It also increases your likelihood of receiving a better rate. If your business demonstrates strength in only one or two of these areas, it is still possible to securerepparttar 146099 financing, thoughrepparttar 146100 choice of lessors becomes a bit more limited andrepparttar 146101 elevated risk is reflected by a higher lease rate.

It's always in a company's best interest forrepparttar 146102 decision-makers to consider leasing as a means of capital conservation. And as you can see, it's also important to prepare forrepparttar 146103 transaction shouldrepparttar 146104 decision be made to pursue it. Once you do obtain your lease, chances are you will never go back solely to your old way of equipment financing. The majority of businesses that utilize equipment leasing each year inrepparttar 146105 United States and Canada continue to do so with at least some of their equipment thereafter. Contacting a leasing company representative or a broker can help you determine if leasing can create an environment of improved cash flow and an opportunity for growth in your business.

Mark Uptain is a Business Finance Consultant residing in Washington State. His website, offers free equipment leasing information and quotes to businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

Business To Business Networking Puts More Money In Your Pocket

Written by Jeff Schuman

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So what arerepparttar advantages and disadvantages of each kind of networking? They both have their place but strong networking groups represent a bigger commitment than passive networking groups. By belonging to a strong networking group, you are committed to be onrepparttar 146055 lookout for referrals for group members. Strong networking groups also usually meet on a weekly basis whereas passive networking groups usually meet monthly.

Passive networks can have multiple people from one profession or industry as members. They also have no requirements for passing on referrals to other members. Referrals do occur in a passive networking event but it is not facilitated byrepparttar 146056 meeting and is totally up torepparttar 146057 business owner to initiate. You can belong to multiple passive networking groups. Any business you get from passive networking will most likely be a result ofrepparttar 146058 amount of effort you put in.

Strong networks onrepparttar 146059 other hand restrict membership to only one person per industry or profession. This greatly increasesrepparttar 146060 likelihood that you will receive referrals from participating members. Meetings are structured in a way to encourage referrals and there is a formal referral exchange that happens every week. It is strongly recommended that you only belong to one strong networking group in order to keeprepparttar 146061 quality of your referrals high.

In either case, it is important for members of these groups to see you as professional and competent. Referrals will go to peoplerepparttar 146062 referrer knows, likes and trusts.

Want more business? Start attending business to business networking events in your area.

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