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Written by Brian Terry

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I use it myself to direct new people around my website. Click here and you'll see for yourself:

In my opinion there is nothing worse than being bombarded by pop-up windows every time you visit your favorite site. What's great about this script is it only comes up once,repparttar first time a person visits your website, except with Netscape in some cases.

Keep it real!

To getrepparttar 134814 most out of this technique you could position them strategically around your website, not on every page of course, but just here and there. Maybe each time performing a different function so you don't appear to be over using it.

Pop up windows are not just limited to appearing when a visitor arrives forrepparttar 134815 first time, you can get them to appear behindrepparttar 134816 webpage and even when someone leaves. Just imaginerepparttar 134817 possibilities!

Have a look at this one:

The Java script forrepparttar 134818 first pop up window is atrepparttar 134819 autoresponder e-mail address below, send a blank e-mail and you'll get it sent to you in seconds. Then all you do is follow some simple instructions

The most important thing is to use your creativity. What kind of a twist could you add with them that will increase your subscriptions and sales?

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First Impressions

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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While it is a good idea to have your links onrepparttar side ofrepparttar 134813 page, you should avoidrepparttar 134814 use of frames, which dividesrepparttar 134815 page into two logical pieces that can be independently manipulated. Atrepparttar 134816 current time, sites constructed with frames are not search engine friendly, although this could change.

Links should be clear as to where they will take you. It is crucial thatrepparttar 134817 titles ofrepparttar 134818 links, not only make sense, but actually take someone to that information. Each site should have links that are unique, and it is not a good idea to have information inrepparttar 134819 target, that is not specified inrepparttar 134820 link.

If you have someone designrepparttar 134821 site for you, remember that their expertise is in web site design, and most likely they will know little, if anything, about what you are doing. They can constructrepparttar 134822 site and make it look good, butrepparttar 134823 copy and information flow is your responsibility. You should always take a break fromrepparttar 134824 copy writing, and if at all possible, have someone else proof your work for grammar. Also you have to be careful of words that pass spell check, but are actually an error. Don't confuse words like "there" and "their".

Once you haverepparttar 134825 basic framework finished, it is now time to test it. Try to corral as many people as possible to review it. Is it clear and an effective presentation? You should probably avoid friends unless you are sure they will give you an honest evaluation.

The first impression your web site makes is crucial to success. If people have to "jump through hoops" to find out about your offer, or if it doesn't portray a professional image,repparttar 134826 odds are they won't buy.

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