Increase SEO Sales by Teaching Clients about SEO Truths

Written by John Alexander

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B. Talk to them aboutrepparttar components of success:

Let them know that when you work with their web content, you need some freedom to work with them and provide input. Explain thatrepparttar 127917 best success formula is often a cross between re-writing their content especially for high search engine placement COMBINED with copywriting that is written forrepparttar 127918 human brain.

It's a combination of having a highly visible web site that also employs techniques that compel their visitors to respond. Explain why this second aspect is so important by saying something like, "Your business does not really begin, until we get your visitor to take action and respond to what they see.

Talk to them about your ability to research their keyword phrases from real time results. Explain to them that you must determine which search phrases will genuinely pullrepparttar 127919 most targeted traffic into their pages. Tell them you will be asking them for a list of suggested keywords to start. Explain that ultimately you will be analyzing those words and through research, you'll actually findrepparttar 127920 highest performing phrases withrepparttar 127921 lowest competition.

You can let them know thatrepparttar 127922 reason your pages score well with major search engines is because you build honest, content-rich pages withoutrepparttar 127923 use of any types of tricks, gimmicks or spam.

The strategies you employ are based on using phrases that are first researched and then proven to be currently in usage by consumers within their specific market.

C. Stop trying so hard to sell SEO and learn to dialogue.

Learn to "dialogue" with your prospects in a two-way communication. This is most often successful if you arerepparttar 127924 one askingrepparttar 127925 questions. Remember that whoever is askingrepparttar 127926 questions, is reallyrepparttar 127927 one who is controlling and directingrepparttar 127928 conversation.

Ask questions about from whererepparttar 127929 prospect would like to take business. Try asking questions like, "Would you be willing to take business from a specific location?" Ask lots of specific questions. If they are only interested in a regional presence, then begin painting a picture in their mind of where they could be getting new business from.

Remember to ask questions about your prospect's distribution of product and services. Demonstrate that you are not just interested in building, positioning and monitoringrepparttar 127930 are also interested in all aspects ofrepparttar 127931 business such as how they intend to handle distribution. Such conversations not only lead to enhancing client rapport, but will end up triggering new optimization strategies in your mind.

D. Makerepparttar 127932 most of your newest successes.

Your prospects become your customers and in a short time, they begin telling stories about their success onrepparttar 127933 web. Don't forget to makerepparttar 127934 most of these opportunities, after all you've maderepparttar 127935 effort and promoted your client well, you deserverepparttar 127936 credit.

You have demonstrated that your SEO strategies not only work, but in many cases, your efforts will have delivered a dramatic increase in business. Always ask your client's permission first, but they're usually more than happy to distribute your brochure or business cards. This is usuallyrepparttar 127937 start to a wonderful trend in ongoing referral business. Always remember to thank your clients for every new referral they send your way.

Ask your clients if they would mind takingrepparttar 127938 occasional reference call. All you really need are just a few of your client's names and numbers. A list of these satisfied names and numbers can be offered to new prospects. You can be sure this is just one more thing that not a lot of your competitors will be doing.

Search Engine Optimization is one ofrepparttar 127939 biggest missing links in this whole web development industry. It's safe to say that building a web site without a plan for search engine optimization, isrepparttar 127940 single most expensive lesson that any dot com business has ever had to learn inrepparttar 127941 last few years. It's only good wisdom that you teach both your prospects and your clients these things up front and early. The results will be a long lasting client relationship where your client wins, your client's customer wins and YOU win too!

E. Enjoyrepparttar 127942 tremendous lift of knowing that you really are making a difference for your clients.

For thousands of business owners,repparttar 127943 investment in solid SEO strategies, arerepparttar 127944 single missing link to their success. Take action today by employing SEO strategies for your clients and give themrepparttar 127945 outstanding results they deserve. Remember that success breeds success and when you do an extraordinary job for your client, it was YOUR SEO skills that maderepparttar 127946 difference. There is tremendous satisfaction in that too!

Best regards, John Alexander

John Alexander is the Co-Director of Training of Search Engine Workshops( Robin Nobles. John also teaches online search engine marketing courses through, and he’s a member of Wordtracker’s ( official question support team. John is author of the e-book Wordtracker Magic (

Search Engine Optimization in an eCommerce World

Written by Mike Barton

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There are two ways to have your web site to appear onrepparttar first page of any search. The first is to engage in a pay-per-click campaign. The second is to appear onrepparttar 127916 first page due to “free” or natural search results. Getting high, natural rankings in major search engines is one ofrepparttar 127917 most efficient and cost effective ways to market and sell your products onrepparttar 127918 Internet.

Search engines use complex, mathematical algorithms to determine which web sites are ranked high and which are not. If your web site matchesrepparttar 127919 criteria, you’re ranked high. If it doesn’t, then you’re not. It’s that simple.

Search engine optimization, then, is designing your website and all of your eCommerce actions so that when consumers search for keywords that are central to your company, your website will appear atrepparttar 127920 top ofrepparttar 127921 search results.

For example, if your company sells running shoes (a keyword that receives 127,575 searches per month), it would be very beneficial to be one ofrepparttar 127922 top websites onrepparttar 127923 search engine. If you received only a small percentage of new visitors each month from that top ranking, it would still result in a significant source of revenue.

It might help to think of it this way: At least 10 million Internet searches are performed every month within each major business category. If only 1% of those searches found your website, you would have over 100,000 new visitors to your site each month. If only 1% of those visitors purchased your products or services, you would be making more than 1,000 new sales per month. (The worldwide average is 2.5%, making these conservative estimates.)

The scope of this article is not to look atrepparttar 127924 methods behind search engine optimization. Instead, it is to look atrepparttar 127925 importancerepparttar 127926 Internet is playing in business development today and inrepparttar 127927 future. The traditional marketing schemes ofrepparttar 127928 past still have their place, but advertising dollars must be allocated to Internet marketing.

As Bruce Carlisle, CEO of SFInteractive said, “If you aren’t putting money into search engines you are letting business walk outrepparttar 127929 door.”

This article was written by Mike Barton, of 10x Marketing. 10x Marketing provides companies with Internet marketing solutions that will increase consumer visits on a regular basis, thus increasing potential sales and revenue. Contact 10x Marketing today for more information about your company's Internet potential.

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