Income Ideas and Money Making Magic

Written by Kay Forgione

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3. Look for programs that offer residual, weekly or monthly income.

4. Look for a program that offers a product you would purchase yourself. Chances are, if you're interested inrepparttar product,many others are as well.

5. Look for a program with a good sales conversion rate. You can emailrepparttar 102488 program operator and ask for statistics and proof of sales conversion rates.

6. Choose an affiliate program that provides a good set of promotional tools and resources that you can use to promoterepparttar 102489 program.

7. Look for a program that caters to a growing market or target audience.

8. Watch out for pyramid schemes. Participate only in programs that offer real, viable products.

9. Look for a program that targets a wide audience - not a small niche that could be saturated quickly.

10. Look for a programs that pay. Luckily, it's a small percentage, but there are dishonest program operators out there. If necessary, askrepparttar 102490 program operator forrepparttar 102491 contact info of a few other affiliates.

One affiliate program that meets all ofrepparttar 102492 above criteria, besides points 1 and 4 which you'll have to determine for yourself, isrepparttar 102493 program you'll find here: .php?rid=3022

(Click onrepparttar 102494 "Get Paid" button after reachingrepparttar 102495 page above) or PBP as we'll call it, provides online business owners and affiliates with virtually everything needed to start and run an online business (of most any type) in one convenient location, for one unbeatable price or for FREE by referring just one new PBP member per month!

Click here to learn more about this excellent resource: .php?rid=3022

So, if Internet marketing and making money online is "your thing" and I'll assume it is since you're reading this course, I highly recommend signing up forrepparttar 102496 PBP affiliate program as I'm confident it will be one of your top performing programs. And don't forget, it will never cost you a penny to join and participate as a PBP affiliate. You are offeredrepparttar 102497 same commissions as monthly members!

Tomorrow, stay tuned for Part 2of 5 Simple Steps to an Internet Cashflow ... for Newbies! And make sure you've signed up for at least one good affiliate program by then (if not PBP, then another program that you feel comfortable with)!

Here for Your Success,

Kay Forgione

Kay is an affilate of EzineAnnouncer and many other programs. She has written many online marketing articles. They can be subscribed FREE by sending e-mail to


Written by David Saywell

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