In the Beginning: Mercury Automobiles

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While these changes were being implemented, Mercury continued producing its stock car version. By 1964repparttar race version was equipped with a 410 horsepower engine. No doubt,repparttar 141888 Marauder was a heavy-duty car. Approximately 4,500 pounds, this Mercury promised a comfortable and solid ride. The secure feeling of this Mercury proved to be one of its most attractive features.

Many considerrepparttar 141889 two-door hardtoprepparttar 141890 most appealing design of allrepparttar 141891 Mercury Marauders. With a rear overhang,repparttar 141892 trunk space is unmatched. Andrepparttar 141893 rear tailfins, three taillights and a streamlined bumper made for a great presentation.

The interior was built for comfort and accessibility. The front panel was simple with live gauges. Seats were available in either bucket or bench style. The doors onrepparttar 141894 two-door version were equipped with vents, strong handles and spacious armrests.

Mercury continues to build classics today. Donít let their next creation pass you by.

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Are You Comfortable Driving Your Car?

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Not only isrepparttar Lincoln a looker, but itís safety ratings are great. Beautiful Ė and safe. When you choose a Lincoln, you are choosing a car that reflects you and your family both at home in your neighborhood and at work. Give themrepparttar 141887 best impression possible. Looks and brains with safety a top priority.

In fact,repparttar 141888 safety features are quite extensive. Town cars are equipped with dual-stage front airbags, and side-impact airbags. In addition, antilock brakes are standard in all models.

Other standard features onrepparttar 141889 Lincoln sedans include:

▪ Power driver seats ▪ Automatic climate control ▪ Power adjustable pedals ▪ Child safety door locks ▪ Vehicle Anti-Theft ▪ Traction control ▪ Trunk Anti-Trap Device ▪ Power Windows ▪ Keyless entry

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