In a Slump?, Rejoice I Say, Rejoice!

Written by Richard Vegas

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Here are some easy things that everyone can do to get out of a slump. Everybody wants something easy. Here it is.

* Most Important, Realize that slumps will inevitably come. They are just part of life. They are as dependable asrepparttar sun rising and setting. * Also know that following every slump, will comerepparttar 117495 days of feasting. Just as certain.

*Next... if your wife happens to lock herself out ofrepparttar 117496 house at 2 am, and she is yelling and screaming atrepparttar 117497 front door, and your dog is barking like crazy atrepparttar 117498 back door, DON'T letrepparttar 117499 dog in first, I don't care if he will shut up once he gets in. That's a BAD move. And not good strategy for getting out of a slump.

*Ok, I put that last paragraph in there to lighten you up a little.

* It is very important to take life's problems withrepparttar 117500 proper mindset. If you can laugh at a slump, I guarantee you it will end sooner than you think.

*If you are prepared to laugh allrepparttar 117501 way through it, it won't last very long. If you're not willing to laugh allrepparttar 117502 way through it, it may take a long time to go through it.

I have proved all these strategies out on myself, evenrepparttar 117503 one aboutrepparttar 117504 wife and dog, yeah, really, and I tell you from 20 years of hard knocks what works and what don't. Maybe that's why I'm single today. Hmmm. Onlyrepparttar 117505 women really know for sure. :>)

Can you avoid a slump? Not really. But you can laugh your way through it. I promise you if you will force yourself to laugh, your body and mind will getrepparttar 117506 hint and then your inner emotions will really begin to make you feel like you are in control.

If you really want to knowrepparttar 117507 facts, that'srepparttar 117508 problem with slumps. We feel like we are not in control. And that is scary. But feelings are fickle. They come and go withrepparttar 117509 wind. So, feelings that are created by outward circumstances can be changed by laughing yourself silly.

Try it, You'll like it.

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Make Your Fortune as a Professional Finder

Written by J. Stephen Pope

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Just asrepparttar business that sells something pays its sales staff, likewiserepparttar 117494 seller generally paysrepparttar 117495 finder's fee. The seller isrepparttar 117496 one that makes a profit fromrepparttar 117497 sale and so usually isrepparttar 117498 one that pays commissions or finder's fees.

However, if a buyer is particularly anxious to buy something, he might offer a finder's fee. Therefore, it is possible to collect such fees from eitherrepparttar 117499 seller orrepparttar 117500 buyer.

It is possible to find finder's fees opportunities offered in magazines, newspapers, and newsletters. You can find additional opportunities by doing your own research. Use your contacts, reference and phone books atrepparttar 117501 library, repparttar 117502 Internet, persons you know (or don't know) who might have repparttar 117503 information you need, as well as other sources to find what is needed.

For example, if someone tells you they can't find a pilot with an airplane outfitted with geophysical survey equipment, have you considered talking to airport employees, pilots, business acquaintances, exploration companies and manufacturers?

Make sure that all your communications and dealings (telephone, correspondence, letterheads, contracts, et cetera) reflectrepparttar 117504 professional nature of your business. You must be willing to dorepparttar 117505 necessary legwork and research required to earn your finder's fee. As well, you must project a business-like, professional image and protect yourself with written contracts and other documentation. Above all, you must follow through and diligently apply what you have learned. In that way, you, too, will become a highly paid professional finder.

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