In The Romance Game, It’s Three Strikes And You’re Out

Written by Marguerite Bonneville

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“Fine. Give her three chances. If she says no more than three times you don’t want her anyway. You really don’t need to get involved with someone who’s so insecure that they need you to jump off a cliff for them.”

“But what if she would have said yes onrepparttar fourth call?”

“Then she’ll call you. Haven’t you noticed that when you pursue someone and then you suddenly stop, they missrepparttar 126087 attention and come after you? Of course, that’s only if they were interested inrepparttar 126088 first place.”

John’s face fell. “That’s never happened to me.”

“Doesn’t surprise me,” I laughed. “You don’t give up until you’ve badgered them to death and by then they can’t stand you. Any attraction that might have existed is long gone.”

John was stunned. It was time to repairrepparttar 126089 damage.

“Look, I’m telling you this to help. Make it a rule to give a girl three chances, then stick to that rule. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and heartache. And for God’s sake, pick them for a better reason thanrepparttar 126090 fact that they’re ‘cute’.”

John squared his shoulders. “Right! She gets one more chance. I’m calling her now.”

I groaned as he strode fromrepparttar 126091 room.

I doubted thatrepparttar 126092 he’d stick torepparttar 126093 three strikes rule. The movies offer many romantic storylines whererepparttar 126094 couple start off hating each other and then fall madly in love. Many people like John are confused about when no means yes or no means no.

But it’s still safest to take a no at face value. Life’s too short to try second-guessing other people. And it’s much less stressful whenrepparttar 126095 people in your life are honest and open and aren’t afraid to tell you that they care. Why settle for anything less?

Marguerite Bonneville is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) whose passion is publishing information online. She is a contributing writer at, a resource site dedicated to helping visitors find the perfect romantic gift.

A Simple Thank You

Written by Birmingham UK Com

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When you receive exceptional service at a restaurant or a member ofrepparttar public goes out of their way to help you out – what do you do? How do you thank them?

Recently a down and out guy sat hunched up inrepparttar 126086 cold outside a chip shop was handed some chicken and chips and a hot cup of coffee by a concerned passer by who only went intorepparttar 126087 chippie out of compassion to buy a meal for someone who was obviously less fortunate than himself. In responserepparttar 126088 tramp replied angrily “You could have just given me some money”

You drive through a busy town centre and no one gives you right of way or offers to let you out so you have to edge your way intorepparttar 126089 traffic and force yourself out intorepparttar 126090 busy road, eventually blocking it so that others are reluctantly forced to let you out. Just when you despair ofrepparttar 126091 human race a natural disaster of epic proportion inrepparttar 126092 form of a tsunami devastates a multitude of countries. Your faith in human nature is restored as you see millions, billions even, being donated torepparttar 126093 charities. The point of this rant? Did you donate torepparttar 126094 tsunami relief effort? Do you takerepparttar 126095 trouble to thank people on a regular basis for things they have done for you or do you take it for granted. Are you a contributor to modern society and its ugly side? Think about it. It affectsrepparttar 126096 way you live…

Only you can really answer these questions. What experiences of ingratitude or gratitude have you come across recently?

A simple thank you costs nothing……..

From Birmingham UK. Please stop by and say hello.

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