In Praise of Raw Code

Written by Stefene Russell

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other WYSIWYG programs) is they have their quirks. Anyone who plans on maintaining a professional web page should get themselves over torepparttar library, or to their local community college and take an HTML class (there are also some good tutorials onrepparttar 134667 web, though they're probably less effective than an actual human being who can help you as soon as you run into trouble). With some sharp HTML skills, you'll not only be able to troubleshoot your own web page problems, but you'll have absolute control over your pages; you'll be able to createrepparttar 134668 page you see in your head, instead of resigning yourself torepparttar 134669 page you happen to end up with after messing around on your computer for hours and hours.

Dreamweaver and HomeSite together make a powerful web-building toolbox (you can download a 30-day trial version of HomeSite at Dreamweaver is a pretty easy program to use to get your basic elements in place, but HomeSite allows you to fine-tune your code, do a global "search and replace" to edit your pages for consistency, as well as spell-check your text. Anyone can put a page up onrepparttar 134670 web; if you're a master of HTML, you'll be able to take full control ofrepparttar 134671 look, feel and functionality of your pages.

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Bad Web Design: Strange Cursors

Written by Richard Lowe

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3) The cursor plug-ins tend to be resource hogs. By this I mean they use memory and CPU time that could be better used by other functions of your system. I have noticed definite performance issues when I examine web pages using some of these cursor routines.

4) Special cursors are not looked upon favorably by professional webmasters. You will find that many ofrepparttar awards programs onrepparttar 134666 internet have special clauses inrepparttar 134667 criteria which disallow sites with these cursors.

5) Too much moving data onrepparttar 134668 screen tends to be very annoying to visitors. If you have a strange cursor and a few animated GIFs you are really pushing your visitors tolerance torepparttar 134669 limit.

6) The cursors get inrepparttar 134670 way of your message. As they move around,repparttar 134671 cursors cover text or graphics that you want your visitors to see.

7) The focus ofrepparttar 134672 cursor is obscured byrepparttar 134673 animation. Onrepparttar 134674 standard cursor it is obvious whererepparttar 134675 cursor is pointing because it is an arrow or bar. On a waving flag or a heart, it is not so obvious and tends to be confusing. Confused visitors tend to hitrepparttar 134676 back button very fast.

8) Worst of all, these cursor plug-ins often act as spyware. What's that, you ask? Spyware is a program which examines your surfing habits (among other things) and reports it back to some location. What these free cursor plug-ins really do is build up a history of usage and surfing patterns of anyone who uses them. This information is then sold to advertisers.

9) In addition to recordingrepparttar 134677 habits of web surfers,repparttar 134678 cursors also recordrepparttar 134679 hits to web sites which use that technology. This allowsrepparttar 134680 cursor companies to gather even more data which can, in theory at least, be sold to advertisers.

For these reasons, my recommendation is to simply avoid strange cursors on all but personal home pages.

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