In Love - Out of Love

Written by Deepshikha Mohapatro

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know why people tend to write when they are in love or out of love. Maybe itís a good way to express themselves maybe writing makesrepparttar heart feel lighter. Maybe it gives a way to vent all those feelings that were stacked inside your heart, you always wanted to say it but never knew how. Most ofrepparttar 143003 beautiful poetic works have been written during this stage.

So next time when you are too much in love or when you feel dumped donít worry, just pickup a pen and write your heart out. You never know where it might take you!!!


Systematic Poetry Techniques - Part Three

Written by Steve Gillman

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Words fail, as they should...

So there is nothing to say

There is nothing to say

There is nothing

Is nothing


But gratitude

Now, if you takerepparttar general "gimmick" ofrepparttar 142881 diminishing lines, you could insert all sorts of thoughts. An example:

Pain returns, as it must...

And to where can I turn for relief?

To where can I turn?

Where can I?


But to life

Shameless? No more so thanrepparttar 142882 second time somebody wrote a four-line verse. New words have created a new poem. Inrepparttar 142883 context of a longer poem, this copying of form in one verse might not even be noticed.

What is creativity if you don't create something? Use whatever tricks and techniques you need to start creating poetry.

Steve Gillman has been playing with poetry for thirty years. He and his wife Ana created the game "Deal-A-Poem," which can be accessed for free at:

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