In Leadership, Good Enough Is Pretty Bad

Written by Brent Filson

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To understand this, let's go back to basics: Leaders do nothing more important than get results. If you can't get results, you won't be leading for long. Somebody who can get results is always waiting in line to take your place. If "good enough" is okay with you, you arerepparttar next best thing to somebody who can't or won't get needed results. So, "good enough" is your enemy, "powerful dissatisfaction" your benefactor. I'm not saying that you should go around in a funk powerfully dissatisfied with everything and everyone. You'd be a royal pain. What I am saying is results should be seen not as an end in and of themselves but part of a natural process to get more. Powerful dissatisfaction does not have to be a downer. It can be a joy. The joy of havingrepparttar 119437 opportunity and privilege of thinking anew and acting anew. To be powerfully dissatisfied, one must be relaxed, open, caring, and humble. Banishing "good enough", embracing "powerful dissatisfaction" becomes a profoundly enriching way not only of being a leader but of living one's life.

So, take a joyful, powerful dissatisfaction into your leadership activities and seerepparttar 119438 difference it makes in your interactions with others and in results.

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Improve Your Income

Written by Gordon Goh

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The best way to identify if a prospect fits your 'best customer profile' is to ask some great questions. Askrepparttar following:

* Which of your customers arerepparttar 119436 easiest to work with? * Which of your customers dorepparttar 119437 most businesses with you? * Which of your customers give yourepparttar 119438 most headaches?

The answers to these questions will tell you where you should be investing your time. Becauserepparttar 119439 goal is to get great results, which leads us torepparttar 119440 last and fifth way... 5. Be Results Driven. No more excuses for not doing anything. In fact, do not bother to find reasons for non-achievements, and instead spendrepparttar 119441 time on achieving something else to compensate forrepparttar 119442 lack of achievement. Be ruthless. Giverepparttar 119443 best to your customers by learningrepparttar 119444 keys to customer service. Set a goal to increase your business profits by a quantum leap now.

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