In Disguise - "One Woman's Story"

Written by Dymnpece

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Atrepparttar age of 36 an amazing surgical procedure enabled her to recover her eyesight and later began retracing her roots... Allrepparttar 124171 years she experienced first hand of what it was like to be treated unfair, with cruelty, racialism and prejudice and above all what it was like to be BLACK and LIVING a lie.


As a Native of Lake Charles, LA, this talented young woman has had many accomplishments, from being a Versatile Songwriter/Lyricist/Spoken Word Artist to an Outstanding Professional Poet/Aspiring Actress and well on her way to becoming an Upcoming Author. The name "Dymnpece" manifestly justifies for itself.

How to publish your own highly demand ezine

Written by Nas Romli

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If you're really enjoying writing, you might want to write your own article. You don't need to write a whole book but 1000 words is acceptable.

If you don't know how to write or hate writing, you can get free content or article fromrepparttar internet. Some sites that offer free articles that you can use in your ezine are:

Remember to includerepparttar 124170 'Resource Box' atrepparttar 124171 end of this type of article. Resource Box is a short paragraph that tellsrepparttar 124172 reader aboutrepparttar 124173 writer ofrepparttar 124174 article. Some Resource Box has a copyright notice.

Step 4:Determine delivering type How do you want to deliver your ezine? There are two options:

1.You putrepparttar 124175 ezine in your website. The advantage of doing this is that you can include back issue as well.

2.You can deliver through email. This isrepparttar 124176 most used method you'll find onrepparttar 124177 net. If you choose this option, you must need a mailing list. You can run your own mailing list or hired others to run for you. Search 'mailling list service' at Yahoo if you want to let other dorepparttar 124178 job for you.

Step 5:Tell others about your Ezine There is no point of publishing your own ezine if no one is reading it, isn't it? So turn onrepparttar 124179 key and start tellingrepparttar 124180 world about your new ezine.Submit your ezine to ezine directory and announce it to other ezine publishers.

Remember,repparttar 124181 more people subscribe to your ezine,repparttar 124182 larger your mailing list will be. Andrepparttar 124183 larger your mailing list is, more and more money you can make out of it.

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