Improving Suggestive Selling Initiatives With Performance Measurement and Competitive Motivators

Written by Matt Wozniak

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Role-playing, a hand-full of various selling techniques, clear goals and protocol, and a little incentive is key to overcoming this aversion. Many employees state they are uncomfortable using only one suggestive selling technique for all customers, as each customer is different. Give employees fundamental training and freedom to “customize” their suggestive sell. It may not make sense to offer a customer a bag of chips to go with their 10 gallons of gas…but perhaps mentioningrepparttar recent hot weather andrepparttar 136140 in-store special of a 12pk of Coke does.

What if each employee was to state, “…Those are less expensive if you buyrepparttar 136141 three-pack that’s on sale…” instead of, “…Next.” Not only willrepparttar 136142 employee be helpingrepparttar 136143 customer save money (and savingrepparttar 136144 customer money means a happy, returning customer), but he/she will also be adding revenue. It’s a win-win proposition.

Suggestive selling does not have to be scripted or limited to one or two items to work well. There are a myriad of additional items, larger items, sale items, complementary items, and services to softly and appropriately suggest to customers. If front-line staff understand effective and non-obtrusive selling techniques and have feedback tied to incentive on their performance,repparttar 136145 end result will be happier customers, staff receiving positive reinforcement for a job well done, and greater revenue – A win-win-win.

Matt Wozniak is the President and CEO of National Shopping Service. NSS has been a pioneer in the mystery shopping industry since 1972, providing businesses with the information they need to understand and affect their businesses at points of customer interaction. - 800-800-2704

Collection of Jewelry from I800's through mid 1900's

Written by Laura Thykeson - Owner of "Ice Originals II - Vintage Collectibles, Music and Jewelry"

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a collection of hand carved shell and hard stone cameos, as well as cameo rings. Some of these pieces pre-daterepparttar 1860's, and have been so carefully protected and stored that they appear to be in nearly new condition! As said previously, these items are part of a New York Estate, passed down though a family, and only a portion of this beautiful collection has recently been placed up for sale torepparttar 136019 public. Other pieces not for sale include an entire suite of mourning jewelry, made of jet, that is just phenomenal, as well as several pre-1860 pieces that are just perfect, in gold, and containing precious stones such as diamonds and rubies. Many appear to be custom made pieces and contain strong European influences, most likely originating inrepparttar 136020 UK or surrounding areas. The owner ofrepparttar 136021 collection is not completely sure of all lineage ofrepparttar 136022 family, so any viewers ofrepparttar 136023 pieces up for sale are welcomed to email any input they may have onrepparttar 136024 items and their origins torepparttar 136025 owner ofrepparttar 136026 website, asrepparttar 136027 collection owner is eager to learn more aboutrepparttar 136028 items before they are sold. These pieces are offered on consignment basis torepparttar 136029 seller, so therefore, prices are firm, although most are moderately priced, well withinrepparttar 136030 serious collectors price range.

Whether looking for that special gift for a special lady,interested in Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Edwardian design, or doing research ofrepparttar 136031 time frames indicated this is definitely a visit worth your time!

Laura Thykeson owns "Ice Originals II", a collectibles and antique website, as well as being an artist, published poet, freelance writer, and owner of two other websites dealing with the arts and collectibles venue. She researches items for others as well as selling on consignment. She is also a big advocate for "unknown" artists and artisans and enjoys promoting new Artists and their works.

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