Improving Search Engine Rankings

Written by Brett J. Daly

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Finally, it may be worthwhile to consider bidding in pay per click programs such as Google Ad Words and Yahoo Search Engine Marketing. The sponsored words you see atrepparttar top and onrepparttar 146499 right side of search engines come from these programs. You can set maximum bids to stay on budget. This will at least put you onrepparttar 146500 radar while you wait for your site's rank to improve. Yahoo (of course) claims that both being ranked highly and havingrepparttar 146501 ad word has a significant impact onrepparttar 146502 campaign's effectiveness.

There are other small items. One example is a new page takes about nine months to be ranked well within Google. Essentially, seniority is a benefit in their algorithm. Onrepparttar 146503 whole,repparttar 146504 aforementioned items are most critical for trying to boostrepparttar 146505 number of hits from search engines. It is a powerful and cost effective technique, one that certainly warrants some effort.

Brett Daly is a Marketing Specialist for a software firm in the mailing and printing industries. He has a MBA and a B.S. in marketing with a minor in political science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

20 Super Hot Ways To Make More Money From Your Customers

Written by Eugenijus

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13. Include a back end product o.ffer inside your "customer's only" online club.

14. Join someone else's affiliate program and use it as an upsell or back end product.

15. Follow-up with your customers to see if they're happy and o.ffer them another product.

16. O.ffer people a f.ree sample of your product and tell them they will get a discount if they o.rder now.

17. Send your customers a "thank you" e-mail with a back end o.ffer attached.

18. O.ffer your customers add-on products like gift wrapping, batteries, imprinting, etc.

19. Allow your customersrepparttar option of signing up to your "future product offers".

20. Explain to people that for extra money, they can extendrepparttar 146479 g.uarantee or warranty ofrepparttar 146480 product.

Quote ofrepparttar 146481 Day:

"It's good to have money andrepparttar 146482 things that money can, but it's good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure you haven't lostrepparttar 146483 things that money can't" -- George Horace Latimer

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