Improve Your Sales Copy in Four Easy Steps

Written by Collin Almeida

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Step 2. "How can you give me this?"

Explain why You must offer credible, logical reasons to support your claims or people are going to suspect your motives. "Acme widgets achieve faster results because we incorporate not one, but two gizmos. In controlled tests conducted by XYZ, our widgets consistently out-performedrepparttar competition in speed, accuracy and endurance."

Step 3. "Why should I believe you?"

Give reassurance This isrepparttar 127336 time to give some details about you and your company. Provide information about your credentials,qualificationsand experience inrepparttar 127337 field. Now you can also include brief testimonials from satisfied customers (provide as much information to identifyrepparttar 127338 customers as they're willing to allow (anonymous testimonials are almost worthless).

Step 4. " What if I don't like it?" Eliminaterepparttar 127339 risk The final stumbling block for customers is usuallyrepparttar 127340 fear of losing their money if they don't likerepparttar 127341 product or find it's not what they expected - so offer your customers an iron-clad guarantee.

It can be a full refund, a 'double riple money back' or whatever you feel you can afford. Always include a time factor -repparttar 127342 longerrepparttar 127343 better - people like to know you'll be around forrepparttar 127344 long-haul. Incorporate these answers in your sales copy to instantly turn your readers into buyers.

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Another 15 ways to kick your sales into high gear

Written by Terry Telford

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23. Double up. Instead of offering one item at a special price, offer two. On average,repparttar extra item brings in an additional 45% more sales.

24. Bonus value. It is common to offer FREE bonuses with every purchase onrepparttar 127335 www. If you don't offer free bonuses you are losing sales. FREE bonuses are part of internet culture. Since everyone offers FREE bonuses, make yours stand out by giving it a price value. Instead of offering a FREE ebook, offer a FREE ebook worth $29.99.

25. Swap ads. If you publish an ezine, swap ads with other ezine publishers to increase your exposure.

26. Define your USP. What makes your business different than your competitors? Your USP, or Unique Selling Point gives your customers a reason to buy from you instead of someone else. Are your products bigger, faster, cheaper? Every business has a USP. Find yours and promote it. 27. Testimonials. Your customer's opinions are worth gold, especially if they write them down. Include testimonials from satisfied customers in all of your promotional material. This technique gives your product or service more credibility inrepparttar 127336 eyes of your prospects.

28. Pre-sell. If you are introducing a new product, ask your customers for their opinion a few weeks beforerepparttar 127337 product is released. This gives you time to tweek and polishrepparttar 127338 product to perfection before its release. When your product is released, you can sendrepparttar 127339 customers who have responded with suggestions a special discount on repparttar 127340 product as a thank you for their help.

29. Test. Send a trial offer to a percentage of your mailing list. Fromrepparttar 127341 response, you can gauge whether to roll outrepparttar 127342 offer to your entire list or reworkrepparttar 127343 details and try again. Testing saves you money and increases your sales by giving you feedback in small blocks before you use up your whole database.

30. Short and sweet. Keep your prospecting emails short and torepparttar 127344 point. Long emails are often deleted before they are read. To present detailed information, getrepparttar 127345 prospect hooked in your short email and invite them to visit your site forrepparttar 127346 details.

And there you have it,repparttar 127347 complete set of 30 award winning techniques to kick your sales into high gear. Implementing just a few of these techniques will increase your sales. Imagine if you implemented them all!

I wish you much success with all of your marketing.

Terry Telford is the author of the popular ebook, Website Ladder, and the founder of bpc publishing, where you can pick up your FREE and almost FREE website marketing and traffic tools. Visit today!

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